June 2017 YouTube Selection

A short selection of videos this month. Have fun, enjoy and imitate them along this summer


11# – The Gay Fetish Mag stomping biscuit cone with Nike Air
Best: Hot sneakers crushing
Worst: Only one cone. Empty very easy to crush

10# – gadla crushing coconut barefeet
Best: Breaking a coconut barefeet is difficult. Nice views
Worst: It can be dangerous

9# – crushyboy stomping toy car with Nike Air
Best: Nice outdoor crushing hard toy car

8# – crush master flattening strawberries with army boots
Best: Hot boots with hard soles
Worst: Very small strawberries. All very easy and fast to crush

7# – The Bigbootlegger smashing electronic thing with boots
Best: Boots with large treads
Worst: All inner machinery crushed under the cover. Not shown in the video

6# – Lester Gibbons stomping toy car with worker boots
Best: Crunchy toy car under hard boots
Worst: Pants hidding boots

5# – TeenfeetStomp breaking tupper with Nike AF1
Best: Hard sneakers bursting the plastic box
Worst: Plastic type not very crunchy

4# – fynbear crusning small toy car with hard boots
Best: Big boots breaking nice crunchy toy car
Worst: ¿?

3# – Mad Dog stomping train locomotive with army boots
Best: Hard boots vs hard toy
Worst: A bit dark

2# – Hd Toycrusher flattening plastic toy truck with work boots
Best: Great views of the boots breaking the toy
Worst: ¿?

1# – carsmasher45 stomping a whole toy train with Adidas
Best: Hot sneakers. Big plastic toy train with a lot of cars to crush
Worst: More hard footwear needed to break make flat some parts



May 2017 YouTube Selection

A great selection of Youtube videos in the last month. Very interesting stompings in the top places of the list. It was difficult to choose the #1. Have fun, imitate and enjoy

16# – AKITABOOTS stomping easter eggs with Cofra rubber boots
Best: Great boots to crush all
Worst: Low resolution

15# – preppyboyofIL stomping toy car with Circa classic sneakers
Best: Nice sneakers. Side crushing
Worst: ¿?

14# – skatz747 crushing toy bus with Nike
Best: Big plastic toy bus
Worst: Soft sneakers. Seats and inner parts not broken

13# – peter schmits making apple juice with hard sneakers
Best: Nice weird sneakers great for crushing
Worst: All scene very far view

12# – Rubberbootsoldier walking over different foods with rubber boots
Best: Dirty outdoor crushing with large boots
Worst: Do not show the soles

11# – Sneaker Fan crushing waste boxes and cups with Asics
Best: Hot sneakers. Easy crushing nice views
Worst: All boxes empty. A bit defocus

10# – Иван Иванов smashing hair dryer with army boots
Best: Hot boots to crush all. Nice treads
Worst: ¿?

9# – Mike Cortez stomping alarm clock with Nike Cortez
Best: Heavy man with hot snakers flattening difficult thing
Worst: ¿?

8# – Armyman BootsHD stomping saussages and eggs with worker boots
Best: Hot boots and nice views of the crushing
Worst: Difficult with newspapers in the floor

7# – Hd Toycrusher stomping toy car with worker boots
Best: Hot boots flattening toy. Nice views
Worst: ¿?

6# – John Crush destroying printer with Nike Mercurial football cleats
Best: Big hard thing smashed with sneakers
Worst: Big parts outer case not flattened at the end

5# – TRK Stomping breaking big plastic crate with Nike Air Jordan
Best: Hot sneakers. Big object. Image quality
Worst: Jump over first

4# – Matt Ran friends smashing toy garage stomping and sitting over
Best: Nice views of men crushing the toys
Worst: Some parts survive. More time needed

3# – Mad Dog flattening train with classic Adidas
Best: Hot sneakers stomping crunchy toy
Worst: ¿?

2# – msalzg9171 stomping big race toy car with Cofra rubber boots
Best: Very big toy car. Great rubber boots
Worst: A lot of floor in the down half of the image

1# – Gummistiefelfreund 78 crushing toys with rubber boots
Best: Toys inside the boxes, never opened. Nice boots
Worst: Some crushing action hidden behind other objects

April 2017 YouTube Selection

A large selection of crushing action in the last month, with a number of hard boots, nice sneakers and even any buttscrushing to crush flat a lot of big things and to discover the art of the stomping. Have fun, imitate and enjoy!

16# – MasterCrusher Uniform crushing plastic apple sphere with army boots
Best: Hot view of man in jeans and boots
Worst: Very easy object stomped

15# – Rubberbootsoldier walking over apples with rubber boots
Best: A lot of apples being flattened outdoor
Worst: Do not show the soles after crushing

14# – GunPlayer Phil stomping chocolate bunnies with Nike TN
Best: Nice sneakers. A lot of bunnies
Worst: ¿?

13# – Batonik making apple juice with rubber boots
Best: Apples flattening under hard soles
Worst: ¿?

12# – Someone Clever stomping and buttcrushing crates and things
Best: Big boxes crushing
Worst: A lot of mixed things in the same video

11# – Carlos Mata smashing metal toy car with Nike Air Max
Best: Metal car broken into small parts
Worst: A lot of floor in the bottom half of the image

10# – crushyboy smashing metal toy car with Nike AF1
Best: Metal car broken into small parts
Worst: Low resolution. A bit defocus

9# – The Bigbootlegger stomping big stereo with boots
Best: Big electronic thing under hard boots
Worst: ¿?

8# – peter schmits stomping speaker with Dunlop rubber boots
Best: Hot man with great boots stomping
Worst: Only one speaker

7# – Liftinmike stomping 3 big electronic things with ranger boots
Best: Hard boots stomping big electronic stuff
Worst: ¿?

6# AND 6# – crushtogether AND Klaus der Große stomping toy truck with Nike
Best: Plastic toy crushing under nice sneakers
Worst: Soft floor

5# – Peter K flattening metal thin sheet truck model with Nike
Best: Big thing being bent and flattened
Worst: Harder footwear needed to crush it flat to the end

4# – fussmatte stomping bananas with ranger boots
Best: Hot boots. Good image quality and lighting
Worst: Only two bananas

3# – Hd Toycrusher stomping toy car with rubber boots
Best: Great views of the boots treads crushing the toy
Worst: Small toy car

2# – Kiff avec mes Nike making orange juice with Nike TN
Best: Very original instalation art. A lot of work needed to do it
Worst: ¿?

1# – Matt Ran friend stomping toys and things with different footwear
Best: Great crushings with worker boots. Good image daylight
Worst: A lot of mixed action in only one video

March 2017 YouTube Selection

A lot of boots action and some nice sneakers in this winter Selection. Imitate and enjoy


15# – Markus1120 crushing small box with Nike AF1
Best: Hot sneakers, nice view
Worst: Only one small box

14# – Skater Nike walking over tomatoes with Nike Air
Best: Nice outdoor crushing with hard sneakers
Worst: Tomatoes very easy

13# – KuroDharma stomping water bottles with Nike Kwazi
Best: Interesting sneakers soles. Please test with food
Worst: ¿?

12# – jeepfan7 crushing hamburger with Nike Shox
Best: Great heel views
Worst: All flattened into dust after first step

11# – Stéf FOX flattening apple with Salomon sneakers
Best: Hot man crushing with rough soles sneakers
Worst: ¿?

10# – lovinsneax1 stomping fruits with Nike
Best: Nice sneakers flattening fruits
Worst: Different sneaker in each foot

9# – friendsofNiketyp flattening chocolates box with Nike
Best: Flat soles. Crushing all inside the box
Worst: Soft floor

8# – peter schmits crushing apples with rubber boots
Best: The mirror is a great idea to see the soles
Worst: Pants outside boots

7# – RolandTheBigBootMan smashing wooden box with logger boots
Best: Big man with hard boots stomping big crunchy thing
Worst: Fallen pants outside boots hide boots and action

6# – Matt Ran friend stomping toy cars
Best: Great toys crushing slow motion
Worst: Fallen pants hide sneakers

5# – crushyboy smashing toy truck with Nike Air Jordan
Best: Hard sneakers stomping crunchy toy
Worst: ¿?

4# – marco potensa breaking plastic drawer with New Rock boots
Best: Great crunchy object to stomp
Worst: ¿?

3# – Liftinmike stomping VHS and CD machines with boots
Best: Some parts get very flattened under the boots
Worst: No show butts in this video

2# – crushtogether and friend crushing toys with Nike
Best: Hot crushing action
Worst: Toys very small

1# – Lester Gibbons destroying alarm clock with construction worker boots
Best: Alarm clocks are very solid and difficult to smash. You do it!
Worst: You show your soles very little time

February 2017 YouTube Selecton

A few wooden things, New Rock boots, some fruits and nice toys are shown in this winter selection of videos. Have fun, imitate and enjoy
15# – Hd Toycrusher smashing toy car with worker boots
Best: Worker boots toy crushing
Worst: A lot of empty floor in the image

14# – RolandTheBigBootMan flattening pringles cans with ranger boots
Best: Heavy man flatteing all
Worst: Poor image quality: Very low resolution. Backlight

13# – Brad Mikels stomping hot dogs with Nike Air Max
Best: Hot sneakers to crush food. Nice heels
Worst: Vertical video

12# – Viennaskater stomping toy boat with Etnies skater shoes
Best: Interesting crunchy toy under flat soles
Worst: First breaking lateral, instead of full weight big crrrunch

11# – The Bigbootlegger walking over toy cars with boots
Best: Toys get very broken under the boots
Worst: Very small toys or very far image

10# – osirisvideoboy destroying keyboard with New Rock boots
Best: Hard boots stomping hard things
Worst: Keyboards are difficult to crush

9# – Rock crush Ranger smashing wooden house with New Rock Boots
Best: Big wooden toy under hard boots
Worst: House walls separate very easy instead of breaking. Glue before needed

8# – Thermo Man making fruits juice with Dunlop rubber boots
Best: Nice grapes stomping
Worst: All fruits are very easy to crush with that boots

7# – skatz747 crushing wooden box with converse all star
Best: Big box nice crushing
Worst: ¿?

6# – Matt Ran friends stomping over a lot of toy cars
Best: Great toy crushings with nice sneakers
Worst: Backlight. Dark images

5# – Batonik smashing wooden wall clock with worker boots
Best: Interesting object to crush. Nice worker boots
Worst: Small and difficult crushing place floor

4# – Klaus der Große walking over grapes with Adidas Superstar
Best: Nice views. Hot fruits crushing under white soles sneakers
Worst: A lot of grapes flattened after the first steps, far from the camera

3# – stompman2 crushing chocolate with worker boots
Best: Nice food crushing with rough worker boots hard soles
Worst: ¿?

2# – crushtogether stomping electronic thing with Jordans Air Force 1
Best: Nice crushing with hot sneakers. Crunchy. Hairy legs
Worst: A lot of empty floor in the images

1# – Stomping Nike making apple juice with Nike TN
Best: Hot video. Hard soles sneakers flattening all. Nice outdoor light
Worst: Only one apple

January 2017 YouTube selection

Let’s start 2017 stomping a lot…

14# – MarkusMark walking over xmas decorations and other things bare feet
Best: Nice crushings man with hairy legs
Worst: Some objects do not get as flattened as when using footwear

13# – Armyman BootsHD crushing sweets with work boots
Best: Great worker boots for crushing
Worst: Muffins are very easy for that boots

12# – Crushyboy stomping metal toy car with Salomon
Best: Nice sneakers. Metal toy car gets very smashed
Worst: ¿?

11# – The Bigbootlegger crushing toy car with hiking boots
Best: Crunchy toy under hard boots
Worst: Some steps very fast

10# – Matt Ran friend buttscrushing with jeans, punching and stomping toy car with work boots
Best: Different ways to crush
Worst: Buttscrushing done in a inconvenient and small seat

9# – MrGummistiefel1 breaking electronic bulbs and a speakers with rubber boots
Best: Crunchy things and nice boots soles
Worst: ¿?

8# – Liftinmike flattening DVD player with ranger boots
Best: Hard crushing flattening the machine and bending it to the end
Worst: ¿?

7# – Klaus der Große stomping toy tank with Nike sneakers
Best: Great crunchy plastic toy under big man feet
Worst: Interesting crushing action hide from the camera view

6# – Adidasfun Conversefun flattening bananas with Adidas
Best: Hot sneakers flatteing fruits
Worst: All very flattened after te first steps

5# – Batonik crushing xmas decoration with work boots
Best: Great worker boots stomping crunchy objects
Worst: Soft carpet floor

4# – carsmasher45 stomping big toy car with Adidas
Best: Big plastic toy under big classical sneakers
Worst: Football boots needed to finish the smashing

3# – Peter K flattening metal decorative model car with Reebok
Best: Big metal thing under hard sneakers
Worst: ¿?

2# – Rubberbootsoldier making banana juice with rubber boots
Best: Hot boots flattening bananas. Nice views
Worst: Same place, floor very dirty and muddy in the last crushing

1# – Stomping Nike crushing boxes and packages with Adidas
Best: Nice sneakers soles for crushing. Things inside boxes
Worst: Low resolution video

2016 YouTube Selection

This is a personal choice made between all the YouTube videos that were first position on the selection of each month in this weblog along 2016. All of them are now still available. Have fun by remembering them, and continue stomping a lot in this new year.


12# – July – crushtogether stomping fruits and eggs with Adidas

11# – December – fussmatte walking over xmas gifts with engineer boots

10# – November – Klaus der Große making bananas and tomatoes juice with Nike AF1

9# – March – Nikestomper stomping model toy houses with Adidas Response

8# – May – leondoro77 crushing toy truck with trekking boots

7# – April – Mike Cortez smashing toy railway clock with Reebok classic

6# – October – Bayer1987 crushing cardboard tray with Adidas

5# – August – Peter K flattening big metal decorative bus with Nike Air Max

4# – September – MrCrushfetish walking over a lot of food with brooks

c-third3# – June – licker64 stomping bulbs with hard worker boots
(Log-in Youtube to watch)

c-second2# – January – Tubing800 flattening toy train with hard boots

c-first1# – February – Nikestomper crushing big plastic toy train with Adidas Superstar