March 2018 YouTube Selection

Nice collection of videos this month. Form large printers to small fruits. All flattened by men with great sneakers and huge boots. Even multi-views stompings. Have fun, enjoy and imitate

15# – Matt Ran friend stomping toys with trekking boots
Best: Nice views of hot man stomping toys
Worst: Very fast action. Dettails missing

14# – skatz747 crushing boxes and bottles with Nike Air
Best: Great sneakers to crush all
Worst: Objects very easy to crush. Boring

13# – Denladd stomping cans and cups with Adidas hi tops
Best: Great sneakers to crush all
Worst: Objects very easy to crush. Boring

12# – osirisvideoboy flattening eggbox with large work boots
Best: Great worker boots to crush all
Worst: Only one egg box. Very easy to crush

11# – treads98 stomping wooden doll house with Timberland boots
Best: Man flattening big house with hard boots
Worst: Dark image. Nothing inside house. All walls broken before

10# – preppyboyofIL crushing toys with Nike Shox
Best: Nice sneakers. Hard plastic parts being crushed
Worst: Toy broken before. Soft floor

9# – shoe stud stomping bananas with steel toe worker boots
Best: Hard boots flattening fruits
Worst: Vertical video

8# – crushyboy crushing big toy car with Nike boots
Best: Hard sneakers breaking crunchy toy
Worst: Low resolution or dark image

7# – crushtogether flattening eggs and tomatoes with Nike AF1
Best: Hot sneakers flattening food
Worst: Raw eggs break very fast. Boiled eggs better

6# – Thermo Man stomping kiwis with rubber boots
Best: Nice boots making kiwis juice
Worst: ¿?

5# – SuperCrushall breaking toy car with Nike SB
Best: Crunchy toy car flattened under sneakers
Worst: ¿?

4# – Hd Toycrusher flattening toy excavator with worker boots
Best: Nice views of hard boots crushing plastic toy
Worst: Some parts not crushed at the end, the wheels

3# – Crushing 1000 smashing printer with Nike Air Max and ranger boots
Best: Hot sneakers and hard boots stomping big electronic thing
Worst: Can not finish the work with the sneakers

2# – Giant Crusher crushing model houses with Nike AF1
Best: Great sneakers. Second toy house crushing
Worst: ¿?

1# – MarkusTheGiant stomping printer with Adidas Stan Smith
Best: Soft sneakers can crush all the printer very well
Worst: ¿? – Unlaced left sneaker at the end


February 2018 YouTube selection

Men wear large boots on winter, so hard things can be crushed easily in these days. Sneakers also do a great work always. Have fun, imitate and enjoy with this selection of videos.

16# – Thermo Man stomping fruits with Dunlop rubber boots
Best: Hard boots with great soles to crush all. Nice color.
Worst: Fruits too easy to crush with that boots

15# – Sneaxxgr45 flattening two cans with Adidas
Best: Nice vintage sneakers
Worst: Cans crushing is boring

14# – The Bigbootlegger smashing toy car with boots
Best: Hard boots with large treads great to smash toys
Worst: Toy car very small

13# – skatz747 crushing two toy planes with Nike SB
Best: Plastic toys get very flattened under heels
Worst: ¿?

12# – Hans Petet flattening bananas with Nike Magista X
Best: Interesting soles to make footprints and flat things
Worst: ¿?

11# – RolandTheBigBootMan stomping cardboard box with boots
Best: Hard box being flattened by heavy man
Worst: Low resolution

10# – Sneaker Fan making plums juice with Salomon sneakers
Best: Great sneakers. Nice outdoor crushing
Worst: Low resolution

9# – Crushing 1000 stomping model houses with Nike Air Max
Best: Crunchy objects under nice sneakers
Worst: Model houses collapse very fast. Glue needed. Better one by one

8# – Mad Dog smashing video camera with New Rock boots
Best: Big electronic object under hard boots
Worst: ¿?

7# – Matt Ran friend buttscrushing and walking over toy cars
(Stomping action starts at 0:18)
Best: Each step burst and disintegrate one toy into dust. Weird
Worst: Short video, dark, not detailed footage

6# – Klaus der Große stomping toy tank with Nike Air
Best: Crunchy toy flattened under nice sneakers
Worst: ¿?

5# – CruelStomper flattening bananas bunch with basketball sneakers
Best: Hot man with great sneakers and hairy legs
Worst: Old video. Very low resolution

4# – TRK Stomping stomping bananas with Mizuno sneakers
Best: Great views of nice sneakers flattening squishy bananas
Worst: ¿?

3# – stomptrain smashing model locomotives with boots
Best: Hard boots stomping crunchy electronic things
Worst: Ugly boots

2# – Master Tramp stomping toy truck with Nike Shox
Best: Very crunchy big plastic toy truck made into dust
Worst: ¿?

1# – Citizen .Kabutoo crushing toy train with rubber boots
Best: Great toy crushing with large boots
Worst: Some boots very soft, does not break some parts to the end

January 2018 YouTube selection

A great selection of videos after xmas. Men continue stomping the toy cars very well, and also some fuit juices and other stomping to start 2018 in the better way.

17# – Hans Petet flattening apples with Nike Blazer
Best: Great heel stompings. White soles
Worst: ¿?

16# – thespecialone stomping toy truck and cars with Nike Rosh
Best: Crunchy toy crushing
Worst: Soft carpeted floor

15# – skatz747 crushing waste and toys with Nike Flytops
Best: Hot sneakers stomping
Worst: A lot of different stuff in the same video

14# – Brad Mikels flattening onios with Nike Air Force II
Best: Crunchy vegetables under hard sneakers
Worst: ¿?

13# – Dave D making Kiwi Juice with Nike Air Max
Best: Green kiwis are more hard to crush. Nice sneakers
Worst: Socks outside pants

12# – Thermo Man stomping toys, boxes and plastic panel with spikes boots
Best: We can learn how spikes boots crush different objects
Worst: Some objects very easy to break

11# – Hd Toycrusher smashing toy tank with worker boots
Best: Big man with hard boots smashing crunchy toy slowly
Worst: Some remails uncrushed at the end of the video

10# – Lester Gibbons stomping toy bus with worker boots
Best: Work boots stomping big crunchy plastic toy
Worst: Fast stomping. First step jumping

9# – Master Tramp crushing big toy car with Adidas trekking boots
Best: Big crunchy toy under hard boots
Worst: Stomping without full weight, while sat down in the chair

8# – Citizen .Kabutoo stomping electronic teddy bear with rubber boots
Best: Hard toy -the machinery inside the bear- under boots with rough soles
Worst: ¿?

7# – MasterCrusher Uniform breaking xmas decoration with firefighter boots
Best: Hot boots stomping crunchy thing
Worst: Only one decoration element

6# – Liftinmike stomping vintage radio with hard boots
Best: Difficult thing under hard boots
Worst: Repetitive

5# – CURAKIPERA and friend walking over tomatos and banana with sneakers
Best: Hot video action
Worst: Tomatos are very easy to crush

4# – Tubing800 stomping toy train wagon with sneakers
Best: Great toy to crush. Nice sneakers soles
Worst: Pants hide sneakers top

3# – Mad Dog crushing big toy car with Adidas
Best: Hot sneakers stomping big toy
Worst: Sneakers overly dirty

2# – stomp stomper crushing two toy cars with army boots
Best: Great toy crushings with nice boots
Worst: Dark shadow over the scene

1# – carsmasher45 stomping toy motorhome with Brooks
Best: Great toy to be stomped
Worst: Low resolution. Not enough hard sneakers, need jumping



Toy review:

2017 YouTube Selection

This is a personal choice made between all the YouTube videos that were first position on the selections of each month in this weblog along 2017. All of them are now still available. Have fun by remembering them, and continue stomping very much in this new year 2018.


# February – Stomping Nike making apple juice with Nike TN

11# January – Stomping Nike crushing boxes and packages with Adidas

10# December – The Bigbootlegger stomping vintage radio with Wesco Boots

9# April – Matt Ran friend stomping toys and things with different footwear

8# August – Klaus der Große crushing two toy trucks with Nike Dunk

7# March – Lester Gibbons destroying alarm clock with construction worker boots

6# July – Crushing 1000 stomping model toy houses with ranger boots

5# September – skinmaxcrush maxdestroyer stomping violin case with boots

4# June – carsmasher45 stomping a whole toy train with Adidas


3# October – peter schmits stomping toy car with Dunlop rubber boots


2# November – TheBootsStomper crushing toy bus with worker boots


1# May – Gummistiefelfreund 78 crushing toys with rubber boots



You can remember the previous years best stompers in our Hall of Fame

December 2017 YouTube Selection

A large selection of boots stomping hard things in the last month of past 2017.  The carnage of vintage radios contine, and some nice toys and fruits also find their end under the feet of the stompers

15# Sneaker Fan stomping cakes with worker sneakers
Best: Hot worker footwear stoping sticky food
Worst: Pants hide boots. Low resolution

14# Thermo Man stomping apples with spike snow boots
Best: Interesting boots to test new crushings
Worst: Apples was so easy to break

13# Nacho Boots flattening box with fireman boots
Best: Huge boots. Hard cardboard box nice to crush
Worst: ¿?

12# RolandTheBigBootMan stomping wooden crate with logger boots
Best: Heavy man smashing big crunchy object
Worst: Low resolution

11# todatwostyle crushing different meals with boots
Best: Nice dirty food crushing with boots
Worst: Pants hide boots. Mud hide remains of crushed food. Never show soles

10# Иван Иванов smashing DVD machine with hard boots
Best: Hard worker boots in action. Great views
Worst: A bit dark sometimes

9# leondoro77 stomping toy car with Nike
Best: Big plastic toy car under sneakers
Worst: A lot of time before start crushing. Parts not crushed flat at the end

8# BIG CRUSH smashing car speedometer panel with rubber boots
Best: Big electronic thing under rubber boots
Worst: Disconfort crushing. Small place and soft floor

7# TheShoeslicker making fruits juice with Nike AF1
Best: Hot sneakers flattening food
Worst: ¿?

6# skinmaxcrush maxdestroyer stomping vintage radio with boots
Best: Fragile pieces of bakelite making a lot of noise
Worst: Low resolution

5# Mad Dog and friends stomping four radios with ranger boots
Best: Two men with hard boots crushing big crunchy things
Worst: A pile of remains hide crush action after first steps. better crushing the radios one by one

4# Crushing 1000 stomping toy trains with Nike Air Max
Best: Nice crunchy plastic toys under hard sneakers
Worst: wasting time trying to straighten the wagons. You can use your hands

3# Liftinmike stomping two violins and case with ranger boots
Best: Hard boots breaking crunchy and fragile wood objects
Worst: First steps, those who do the most damage, made to violins inside the case.

2# crushyboy crushing two toy trucks with Nike Commands
Best: Great crunchy toy crushing under hot sneakers
Worst: ¿?

1# The Bigbootlegger stomping vintage radio with Wesco Boots
Best: Boots with hot hard soles to break the things. Nice small radio
Worst: Pants hide boots


November 2017 YouTube Selection

A large selection of stomping videos this month. Boots win to sneakers, but all objects are well crushed. Have fun, imitate and enjoy

18# – todatwostyle stomping pasta and bread with rubber boots
Best: Boots flattening food
Worst: Wide pants hide boots. Boring pasta before interesting bread

17# – Kung Fu stomping tomatoes with Nike Air Max
Best: Hot sneakers vs tomatoes
Worst: Few and small tomatoes

16# – baggystomper crushing chocolate icecream with Nike Uptempo
Best: Huge interesting sneakers. Nice food crushing. Show soles
Worst: Ice creams very small

15# – Peter K stomping plastic toy car with Nike Air Max
Best: Big crunchy toy car under hot sneakers
Worst: Fog or defocus image

14# – Steps making apple juice with Asics
Best: Hots sneakers crushing apple
Worst: ¿?

13# – RolandTheBigBootMan flattening cans with rubber boots
Best: Heavy man flattening all with hard boots
Worst: Low resolution image

12# – CoolKicks28 stomping xmas balls with Nike AF1
Best: Hot sneakers breanking crunchy things
Worst: Few xmas balls

11# – SNeaK3RBoi617 crushing toys with Timberland work boots
Best: Big crunchy plastic toys under hard boots
Worst: Dirty place. Remains of previous crushed things hide action

10# – MasterCrusher Uniform flattening pumpkin with army boots
Best: Hot boots crushing big vegetable in the floor
Worst: ¿?

9# – Mike Cortez making peach juice with Nike Cortez
Best: Hot sneakers white soles stomping fruit
Worst: Defocus

8# – bootsguy1984 stomping toaster with firefighter boots
Best: Hard object get very broken under hard boots
Worst: ¿?

7# – Crushing 1000 stomping model houses with rugby cleats
Best: Big houses. Hard footwear great to damage plastic toys
Worst: Some walls are disassembled instead of broken. Glue needed before

6# – Quas flattening sweet bum under white sneakers
Best: Hot sneakers white soles. Sweet filling overflows
Worst: Only one bum. Flattened after the first step

5# – Nacho Boots smashing router with Jungle Panama tactical boots
Best: Great boots with huge treads
Worst: Router does not get all crushed at the end

4# – skinmaxcrush maxdestroyer destroying vintage radio with boots
Best: Hot boots breaking difficult thing
Worst: Vintage expensive object

3# – Liftinmike stomping printer with ranger boots
Best: Difficult object crushed under nice boots to the end. Nice jeans views
Worst: ¿?

2# – Mad Dog stomping toy car with Adidas Top Ten
Best: Hot sneakers smashing crunchy plastic toy
Worst: Low resolution image

1# – TheBootsStomper crushing toy bus with worker boots
Best: Difficult but crunchy big plastic toy slowly flattened under hard boots
Worst: Pants hidding boots.

October 2017 YouTube Selection

Enjoy and imitate this selection of crushing videos from YouTube. Ready for xmas season

15# Nacho Boots stomping plastic crate with tactical boots
Best: Great boots for crushing
Worst: Boring object, already broken. Vertical video

14# GiantLover stomping toy cars with sneakers
Best: Crunchy toy. Weird sneakers
Worst: Slow action before crushing

13# friendsofNiketyp crushing grapes with Nike Air Max
Best: Nice grapes crushing
Worst: ¿?

12# The Gay Fetish Mag flattening strawberries with Adidas Superstar
Best: Hot classical sneakers. Juicy fruits
Worst: ¿?

11# Stomping Nike flattening food with Nike TN
Best: Hard sneakers stomping and bursting different stuff
Worst: Weird colors blue+red

10# Mike Cortez crushing apples with Reebok classic
Best: Hot classical sneakers white soles flattening fruit
Worst: Easy to crush

9# Stomp Destroyer smashing toy car with Nike Cortez
Best: Nice sneakers flattening crunchy toy
Worst: Fast hard steps to break the car

8# Anónimo Asesino de Sueños crushing cucumber with tactical boots
Best: Great boots. Hot heel stomping. Crunchy cucumber
Worst: ¿?

7# Thermo Man destroying video with mining boots
Best: Great hard boots for crushing all
Worst: ¿?

6# Mad Dog and friend smashing vintage radio with cross boots
Best: Big object crushing with hard boots
Worst: Expensive object destroyed

5# Crushing 1000 flattening food with worker boots
Best: Hot boots vs dirty things outdoors
Worst: Pants hidding boots

4# carsmasher45 stomping toy car with Adidas
Best: Hot white sneakers stomping big toy
Worst: Oversized sneakers, bigger than foot inside

3# Thom Venus flattening food with snowboard boots
Best: Hot boots with sneakers look. Nice crushings
Worst: All foods very easy to flat

2# TheBootsStomper crushing toy car with yellow rubber boots
Best: Hard soles stomping crunchy toy
Worst: ¿?

1# peter schmits stomping toy car with Dunlop rubber boots
Best: Big boots vs big crunchy plastic toy. Nice steps
Worst: Pants hidding boots