2016 YouTube Selection

This is a personal choice made between all the YouTube videos that were first position on the selection of each month in this weblog along 2016. All of them are now still available. Have fun by remembering them, and continue stomping a lot in this new year.


12# – July – crushtogether stomping fruits and eggs with Adidas

11# – December – fussmatte walking over xmas gifts with engineer boots

10# – November – Klaus der Große making bananas and tomatoes juice with Nike AF1

9# – March – Nikestomper stomping model toy houses with Adidas Response

8# – May – leondoro77 crushing toy truck with trekking boots

7# – April – Mike Cortez smashing toy railway clock with Reebok classic

6# – October – Bayer1987 crushing cardboard tray with Adidas

5# – August – Peter K flattening big metal decorative bus with Nike Air Max

4# – September – MrCrushfetish walking over a lot of food with brooks

c-third3# – June – licker64 stomping bulbs with hard worker boots
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c-second2# – January – Tubing800 flattening toy train with hard boots

c-first1# – February – Nikestomper crushing big plastic toy train with Adidas Superstar



December YouTube Selection

A large selection of stomping videos catched from Youtube in the last month. A lot of nice toys, some fruits and any other thing to finish the 2016 crushing a lot. Imitate and enjoy.

17# – osirisvideoboy crushing light bulb with brown army boots
Best: Hot army boots. Crunchy object
Worst: Very easy object break too fast

16# – NikeGuyBr making lemon juice with Nike Air Force One
Best: Hot Sneakers. Nice views
Worst: Only one lemon. Not full flattened

15# – Stomping Nike flattening fruits with Nike Air Max
Best: Nice fruits crushing
Worst: ¿?

14# – leondoro77 stomping toy truck with Geox sneakers
Best: Plastic toy crushing
Worst: Not smashed to the end

13# – Hd Toycrusher stomping toy excavator with worker boots
Best: Crunchy toy under heavy man with hard boots
Worst: Whe can not see the whole boots never

12# – Matt walking over blue xmas balls with blue Nike Air Max
Best: Hard sneakers crunchy crushing
Worst: Repetitive balls

11# – skatz747 stomping r/c toy car with DC skater shoes
Best: Nice toy to crush
Worst: Defocus. Low resolution

10# – Carlos Mata crushing toy truck with DC sneakers
Best: Hard toy car under hard sneakers
Worst: Low image quality

9# – Crushing 1000 flattening fruits and vegetables with ranger boots
Best: Different things under nice boots
Worst: Very dark

8# – Aussie Boots flattening bananas with work boots
Best: Hot banana crushing with nice boots
Worst: Very slow action. Only one banana in 11 minutes

7# – Liftinmike stomping VHS with boots
Best: Difficult thing smashed into parts to the end. Nice butts wiews
Worst: ¿?

6# – Nikestomper smashing toy tractor with Sketcher sneakers
Best: Hot sneakers. Nice toy crushing
Worst: ¿?

5# – carsmasher45 crushing toy truck with Adidas
Best: Great classic adidas to crush all
Worst: ¿?

4# – Klaus der Große walking over bananas and other small fruits ith Etnies
Best: Great fruits crushing with flat soles sneakers
Worst: ¿?

3# – kflpdlt flattening donuts with New Balance sneakers
Best: Hot views. Flat soles sneakers chocolate crushing
Worst: Difficult to see the soles with the sweets flattened

2# – Boots Stomper crushing eggs with combat boots
Best: Great boots stomping dirty things
Worst: 5 eggs in only one step. One un-crushed egg at the end

1# – fussmatte walking over xmas gifts with engineer boots
Best: Objects inside the boxes
Worst: Flat soles boots

November YouTube selection

We offer an assorted selection of crushings in this pre-xmas season

14# – TRK Stomping, stomping a big can with Nike Air Jordan
Best: Nice sneakers
Worst: Low resolution video

13# – Matt making kiwi juice with Nike Air Max
Best: Hot fruit stomping with nice sneakers
Worst: ¿?

12# – Rubberbootsoldier stomping yoghurts with rubber boots
Best: Dirty outdor crushing
Worst: Repetitive steps

11# – Mike Cortez crushing toy car with Nike Cortez
Best: Big man flattening toy with sneakers
Worst: ¿?

10# – osirisvideoboy crushing cans with combat boots
Best: Great boots to crush anything
Worst: Boring objects being crushed with these great boots

9# – bootboy sg stomping bulb with Carterpillar boots
Best: Hard boots crushing crunchy thing
Worst: Hazardous substances inside fluorescent lamp

8# – SneakersolesTO flattening bulb with skater shoes
Best: Nice stomping under flat soles, creaking in each step
Worst: Hazardous substances inside fluorescent lamp

7# – carsmasher45 smashing toy car with football cleats
Best: Big crunchy toy being stomped
Worst: Big part of the car does not get flattened at the end

6# – Matt Ran friend jumping over big dollhouse
(Stomper’s face here)
Best: Huge plastic toy being stomped
Worst: Very fast action. Some large parts does not get crushed, only disassembled

5# – The Bigbootlegger flattening toaster with harness boots
Best: Big thing being flattened by heavy man
Worst: ¿?

4# – The Shiny Helmeted Stomper, crushing a stereo with biker boots
Best: Big object with a lot of inner parts being stomped
Worst: ¿?

3# – Nikestomper stomping toy truck with Nike AF1
Best: Nice toy crushing with hot sneakers
Worst: White sneakers images look too white and saturated

2# – msalzg9171 crushing toy house model with Buffalo boots
Best: Nice plastic toy flattened under hard boots
Worst: Low resolution video

1# – Klaus der Große making bananas and tomatoes juice with Nike AF1
Best: Hot fruits crushing near the camera
Worst: Crushing action in the rear floor is hidden behind first plane fruits


October YouTube Selection

A great compilation of videos last october. Men crushes a few nice toys to make spaces for the new toys… that will be crushed next year. Also some fruits and things are nice to stomp. Have fun, imitate and enjoy.

15# – BootedClay stomping two toy cars with shinny boots
Best: Crunchy toys crushing
Worst: ¿?

14# – MasterCrusher Uniform walking over waste with rubber boots
Best: Hot man in jeans crushing things
Worst: boring things to crush

13# – crushyboy stomping toy cars with Reebok trekking sneakers
Best: Hard sneakers stomping toys
Worst: Very small toy cars

12# – MacroBlaze stomping aluminium paper sculptures with DC skater shoes
Best: Hot sneakers flattening things
Worst: Very easy. Nothing inside the sculptures

11# – bootboy sg crushing fruits with ranger boots
Best: Great boots for crushing. Nice views
Worst: Fruits are very easy for that boots

10# – Klaus der Große walking over grapes with Nike basketball boots
Best: Nice crushing with great sneakers. Near views
Worst: ¿?

9# – carsmasher45 stomping big toy van with football cleats
Best: Nice crunchy toy. Cleats are good to break the plastic parts
Worst: Cleats soles empty space can not crush flat in the floor some remains

8# – Matt Ran friend flattening toy tractor with sneakers
Best: Hot toy crushing, white soles, near view
Worst: Soft soles

7# – The Bigbootlegger stomping toy robot with hard boots
Best: Nice crunchy toy. Great boots with large treads
Worst: ¿?

6# – KuroDharma making apple juice with Adidas classic basketball boots
Best: Great sneakers. All flattened. Nice legs
Worst: ¿?

5# – Crushing 1000 walking over computer mouse with worker boots
Best: Great boots. Computer mouses can be difficult to break
Worst: Short video

4# – Nikestomper crushing big metal toy bus with Skechers
Best: Nice crushing with metal bending and plastic breaking under big sneakers
Worst: The whole bus flattened in the first step

3# – Adidasfun Conversefun stomping bread and apple with Nike AF1
Best: Hot man with jeans and big sneakers flattening food
Worst: Stair step in the floor hides crushed remains and difficult total flattening

2# – Matt stomping wooden toy guitar with Nike Dunk
Best: Nice crunchy thing to stomp. Hot sneakers
Worst: Expensive thing

1# – Bayer1987 crushing cardboard tray with Adidas
Best: Hot sneakers + hairy legs flattening hard cardboard
Worst: Short video

September YouTube selection

A long tail selection of crushing videos this month, with a lot of fruits in the main positions.

Have fun, imitate and enjoy.

15# – Daniele Roma crushing eggbox with egg inside with Nike TN
Best: Nice crushing with hot sneakers
Worst: Vertical video. Very far from the camera. A lot of floor.

14# – bootboy sg stomping sweet with combat boots
Best: Hot boots to crush all
Worst: Very easy and small thing for that boots

13# – osirisvideoboy breaking cassette box with worker boots
Best: Great boots to crush all. Crunchy thing
Worst: Very easy and small thing for that boots

12# – skatz747 stomping plastic toy truck with BK sneakers
Best: Pretty big toy truck under flat sneakers
Worst: Soft floor. Need hard stompings to start breaking.

11# – TheShoeslicker and friend flattening trash food with Nikes
Best: Nice views of the sneakers crushing
Worst: ¿?

10# – bootsguy1984 stomping two watermelons with rubber boots
Best: Nice dirty outdoor crushing
Worst: ¿?

9# – Alex Boot stomping food with ranger boots
Best: Different foods under hard boots
Worst: Footage problems. Crushings outside plane or hidden, dark areas

8# – Matt Ran friend smashing toy car with Adidas
Best: Nice toy crushing. Good video views
Worst: Unstable floor

7# – Ultimate Crusher making a fruits salad with Vans
Best: Nice salad with a lot of fruits
Worst: ¿?

6# – derock1611 crushing apples with rubber boots
Best: Hot outdoor dirty crushing. Nice boots soles. Good lighting
Worst: Only apples. Repetitive

5# – crushtogether smashing camping light with Adidas
Best: Hot sneakers stomping big crunchy things
Worst: Very fragile object. Crushed in the floor very fast, nothing inside

4# – Klaus der Große stomping fruits with Nike Air
Best: Hot fruits crushing with flat soles
Worst: A lot of empty floor in the lower half of the screen

3# – Brad Mikels stomping bananas buch with Nike Air Max
Best: Hot sneakers. Nice heels crushing
Worst: Vertical videos 😦

2# – TRK Stomping making tomato juice with Nike Jordan
Best: Hot sneakers. Nice crushing views
Worst: ¿?

1# – MrCrushfetish walking over a lot of food with brooks
Best: Nice sneakers. Hot slow crushing a lot of different stuff
Worst: You can crush more backwards with the heels


August 2016 YouTube Selection

Men have had plenty of time this month of august to stomping a lot. Here is a long selection of videos. Have fun, imitate and enjoy.

15# – Teenboy Crusher stomping train wagon with football cleats
Best: Nice crunchy toy to crush
Worst: Backlight. One different sneaker in each foot

14# – carsmasher45 smashing toy truck with football cleats
Best: Big plastic toy to crush
Worst: ¿?

13# – Matt Ran friend jumping over big toy house with boots, slow motion
Best: Huge plastic toy to stomp
Worst: Very ugly footwear. Final stomping remains not shown, only the jumping

12# – Barry S crushing street lamp with Dunlop rubber boots, slow motion
Best: Big crunchy thing. Great boots with large treads to stomp
Worst: Image lighting issue intermitent. Lamp parts remains not stomped

11# – osirisvideoboy walking over light bulb with FXR boots
Best: Hard boots stomping anything hard
Worst: ¿?

10# – Dennissomething smashing video camera with Nike Jordan
Best: Difficult electronic thing under hot sneakers
Worst: ¿?

9# – bootboy sg flattening small toy car with tactical boots
Best: Small metal toy cars are very difficult to crush. Tactical boots can do it
Worst: Small defocus

8# – crushandstomp crushing sun glasses with worker boots
Best: Hot work boots to crush all
Worst: Tiny man not crushed with the boots

7# and 7# – Sneakercrusher AND Klaus der Große stomping apples with sneakers
Best: Hot sneakers flattening fruits
Worst: ¿?

6# – Ultimate Crusher flatteing bananas bunch with Adidas Hardcourt
Best: Flat soles sneakers crushing the whole bunch
Worst: All flattened after the first step

5# – TheShoeslicker smashing a computer with Nike Air Max
Best: Big electronic thing under sneakers
Worst: Soft sneakers can not crush some parts

4# – sllthr making orange juice with Nike Air Jordan
Best: Hot sneakers flattening fruit oudtoor
Worst: Very short footage, only one small orange

3# – Carlos Mata stomping big metal toy car with Nike Jordan
Best: Hard sneakers vs big toy car
Worst: ¿?

2# – Stomper stomping bananas with Nike
Best: Hot views of man with hairy legs stomping fruits. Great lighting
Worst: Very small place to play

1# – Peter K flattening big metal decorative bus with Nike Air Max
Best: Object being crushed slowly under the man weight
Worst: Nothing inside the bus


July 2016 YouTube slection

A lot of fruits and a lot of sneakers this month. Imitate and have fun

13# – hu19873 stomping sandwich with hard worker boots
Best: Great boots to crush all
Worst: Very easy object

12# – coletenor walking over paper city
Best: Hot man crushing houses and small things
Worst: Need sneakers to crush flat all the model cars

11# – Ultimate Crusher making tomato juice with Air Jordan
Best: Nice sneakers. Tomatoes flattened
Worst: Nothing crushing with heel backwards

10# – Sneaker Fan making tomato juice with Air Jordan
Best: Hot outdoor dirty crushing
Worst: ¿?

9# – Matt Ran friend smashing toy car with sneakers
Best: Heavy man crushing big crunchy toy
Worst: Fast. Some parts un-crushed, like the wheels

8# – Nikestomper flattening toy tractor with Nike Air Max
Best: Hot sneakers flattening toy
Worst: Overexposed image white sneakers. All white, no details

7# – carsmasher45 smashing big model toy car with soccer cleats
Best: Big crunchy toy with a lot of parts to break
Worst: Main part of the car not flattened

6# – showingoffmyboots stomping a lot of things with boots
Best: Hard boots crushing interesting things
Worst: A lot of jumps. Some objects deserve an individual video

5# – TRK Stomping, flattening a lot of pears with Air Jordan
Best: Hot sneakers stomping crunchy hard fruits
Worst: Low resolution video. Pixelated

4# – Crusher88 flattening vegetables with black AF1
Best: Weird vegetables nice to crush, onions and garlic are crunchy
Worst: ¿?

3# – 555boyboyboy stomping eggs inside eggbox
Best: Nice sneakers. Hard boiled eggs are better than raw eggs
Worst: ¿?

2# – Peter K crushing big Volkswagen metal car
Best: Huge metal model car being stomped
Worst: Sneakers was very soft for some steps

1# – crushtogether stomping fruits and eggs with Adidas
Best: Hot classical sneakers flattening all
Worst: Jumping over bananas buch, very fast. Soles not taught