August 2017 YouTube Selection

New YouTube logo and website style, but the same stomping action. A lot of nice toys finished under men feet. Great sneakers and boots flattening all. Enjoy this selection of videos. Have fun and imitate.

15# – Sneaker Lover flattening cake with grey sneakers
Best: Nice sneakers crushing big food part
Worst: Very fast stomping only one step. 50/60 Hz lighting issue camera configuration

14# – Bust Stuff stomping styrofoam cups with Nike
Best: Hot sneakers stomping stuff
Worst: Very fast video action

13# – RolandTheBigBootMan stomping plastic cups with boots
Best: Heavy man flattening all with boots
Worst: Low resolution image

12# – Bob ? stomping hot dog with boots
Best: Messy stuff under hard boots
Worst: Very easy things for that hard boots

11# – Jonathan Forrest making tomato juice with rubber boots
Best: Nice dirty crushing all flattened
Worst: ¿?

10# – preppyboyofIL smashing toy car with football cleats
Best: Great sneakers to crush toys
Worst: Soft carpeted floor

9# – The Bigbootlegger stomping plastic toy car with boots
Best: Nice crunchy toy under big boots
Worst: A lot of empty floor in the image. Pants hidding boots

8# – KatzeHundundMaus flattening vegetables with rubber boots
Best: Hot worker in boots. Nice dirty crushing
Worst: Vertical image

7# – crushyboy smashing hair drier with Nike Air
Best: Big thing under man with sneakers
Worst: Some details a bit dark

6# – marco potensa flattening big toy car with New Rock boots
Best: Nice big toy car great for crushing
Worst: ¿?

5# – skinmaxcrush maxdestroyer stomping radio tubes with boots
Best: Crunchy things under hard soles. Nice views
Worst: Very repetitive. Very long video. Should split video and try multiple footwear

4# – crushtogether smashing toy cars with Nike Air Jordan
Best: Hot sneakers vs nice toys. Good image quality
Worst: ¿?

3# – MrCrushfetish walking over food with Brooks trainers
Best: Great views of the man flattening all with sneakers
Worst: A bit repetitive food

2# – Mad Dog stomping model train and house with Adidas
Best: Great sneakers stomping crunchy toys
Worst: ¿?

1# – Klaus der Große crushing two toy trucks with Nike Dunk
Best: Hot sneakers smashing crunchy toys. Nice views
Worst: Only two trucks


July 2017 Youtube Selection

A lot of hard boots and a lot of nice toys in this summer selection of stoping videos. Have fun, imitate and enjoy.

15# – carsmasher45 stomping toy car with mountain boots
Best: Nice crunchy plastic toy under hard soles
Worst: White socks with dark boots

14# – Engelbert Stomp smashing electric timer with ranger boots
Best: Great boots stomping hard things
Worst: ¿?

13# – Hd Toycrusher flattening toy car with worker boots
Best: Nice views of hard boots soles stomping toys
Worst: Repetitive. Same style as your other videos

12# – Boots Stomper making tangerines juice with army boots
Best: Great boots vs dirty things
Worst: Small tangerines are very easy for these hard boots

11# – baggystomper crushing toy car with Nike
Best: Hot sneakers and nice crunchy toy. A lot of steppings with heel
Worst: ¿?

10# – Lester Gibbons flattening toy car with worker boots
Best: Very hard boots vs crunchy toy
Worst: First step very hard. A lot of empty floor in the image

9# – Liftinmike stomping VHS VCR with ranger boots
Best: Difficult thing to crush. Tight jeans
Worst: ¿?

8# – Carlos Mata flattening toy car with Reebok
Best: Hot hard sneakers
Worst: ¿?

7# – Иван Иванов stomping PC electronic part with army boots
Best: Great boots. Nice views of the crushing
Worst: Metal case already opened

6# – crushyboy smashing two toy trucks with Nike
Best: Nice crunchy plastic toys. Great hard sneakers
Worst: Low resolution or defocus

5# – Adidasfun Conversefun flattening fruits with Adidas Superstar
Best: Messy crushing with a lot of juice and footprints
Worst: Everything at once becomes very squishy fast

4# – Matt Ran friend stomping toys with basketball boots
Best: Nice crunchy toys. Great views of the man stomping them
Worst: $$$

3# – John Smith stepping on toys with logger boots
Best: Great toys and hot views of the man stomping them
Worst: Better one by one. Very fast. Each toy need more steps to be crushed

2# – Mad Dog crushing model toy house with Nike basketball boots
Best: Great sneakers. Crunchy house
Worst: ¿?

1# – Crushing 1000 stomping model toy houses with ranger boots
Best: Nice toy crushing views. A lot of noise
Worst: Pants outside boots

June 2017 YouTube Selection

A short selection of videos this month. Have fun, enjoy and imitate them along this summer


11# – The Gay Fetish Mag stomping biscuit cone with Nike Air
Best: Hot sneakers crushing
Worst: Only one cone. Empty very easy to crush

10# – gadla crushing coconut barefeet
Best: Breaking a coconut barefeet is difficult. Nice views
Worst: It can be dangerous

9# – crushyboy stomping toy car with Nike Air
Best: Nice outdoor crushing hard toy car

8# – crush master flattening strawberries with army boots
Best: Hot boots with hard soles
Worst: Very small strawberries. All very easy and fast to crush

7# – The Bigbootlegger smashing electronic thing with boots
Best: Boots with large treads
Worst: All inner machinery crushed under the cover. Not shown in the video

6# – Lester Gibbons stomping toy car with worker boots
Best: Crunchy toy car under hard boots
Worst: Pants hidding boots

5# – TeenfeetStomp breaking tupper with Nike AF1
Best: Hard sneakers bursting the plastic box
Worst: Plastic type not very crunchy

4# – fynbear crusning small toy car with hard boots
Best: Big boots breaking nice crunchy toy car
Worst: ¿?

3# – Mad Dog stomping train locomotive with army boots
Best: Hard boots vs hard toy
Worst: A bit dark

2# – Hd Toycrusher flattening plastic toy truck with work boots
Best: Great views of the boots breaking the toy
Worst: ¿?

1# – carsmasher45 stomping a whole toy train with Adidas
Best: Hot sneakers. Big plastic toy train with a lot of cars to crush
Worst: More hard footwear needed to break make flat some parts



May 2017 YouTube Selection

A great selection of Youtube videos in the last month. Very interesting stompings in the top places of the list. It was difficult to choose the #1. Have fun, imitate and enjoy

16# – AKITABOOTS stomping easter eggs with Cofra rubber boots
Best: Great boots to crush all
Worst: Low resolution

15# – preppyboyofIL stomping toy car with Circa classic sneakers
Best: Nice sneakers. Side crushing
Worst: ¿?

14# – skatz747 crushing toy bus with Nike
Best: Big plastic toy bus
Worst: Soft sneakers. Seats and inner parts not broken

13# – peter schmits making apple juice with hard sneakers
Best: Nice weird sneakers great for crushing
Worst: All scene very far view

12# – Rubberbootsoldier walking over different foods with rubber boots
Best: Dirty outdoor crushing with large boots
Worst: Do not show the soles

11# – Sneaker Fan crushing waste boxes and cups with Asics
Best: Hot sneakers. Easy crushing nice views
Worst: All boxes empty. A bit defocus

10# – Иван Иванов smashing hair dryer with army boots
Best: Hot boots to crush all. Nice treads
Worst: ¿?

9# – Mike Cortez stomping alarm clock with Nike Cortez
Best: Heavy man with hot snakers flattening difficult thing
Worst: ¿?

8# – Armyman BootsHD stomping saussages and eggs with worker boots
Best: Hot boots and nice views of the crushing
Worst: Difficult with newspapers in the floor

7# – Hd Toycrusher stomping toy car with worker boots
Best: Hot boots flattening toy. Nice views
Worst: ¿?

6# – John Crush destroying printer with Nike Mercurial football cleats
Best: Big hard thing smashed with sneakers
Worst: Big parts outer case not flattened at the end

5# – TRK Stomping breaking big plastic crate with Nike Air Jordan
Best: Hot sneakers. Big object. Image quality
Worst: Jump over first

4# – Matt Ran friends smashing toy garage stomping and sitting over
Best: Nice views of men crushing the toys
Worst: Some parts survive. More time needed

3# – Mad Dog flattening train with classic Adidas
Best: Hot sneakers stomping crunchy toy
Worst: ¿?

2# – msalzg9171 stomping big race toy car with Cofra rubber boots
Best: Very big toy car. Great rubber boots
Worst: A lot of floor in the down half of the image

1# – Gummistiefelfreund 78 crushing toys with rubber boots
Best: Toys inside the boxes, never opened. Nice boots
Worst: Some crushing action hidden behind other objects

April 2017 YouTube Selection

A large selection of crushing action in the last month, with a number of hard boots, nice sneakers and even any buttscrushing to crush flat a lot of big things and to discover the art of the stomping. Have fun, imitate and enjoy!

16# – MasterCrusher Uniform crushing plastic apple sphere with army boots
Best: Hot view of man in jeans and boots
Worst: Very easy object stomped

15# – Rubberbootsoldier walking over apples with rubber boots
Best: A lot of apples being flattened outdoor
Worst: Do not show the soles after crushing

14# – GunPlayer Phil stomping chocolate bunnies with Nike TN
Best: Nice sneakers. A lot of bunnies
Worst: ¿?

13# – Batonik making apple juice with rubber boots
Best: Apples flattening under hard soles
Worst: ¿?

12# – Someone Clever stomping and buttcrushing crates and things
Best: Big boxes crushing
Worst: A lot of mixed things in the same video

11# – Carlos Mata smashing metal toy car with Nike Air Max
Best: Metal car broken into small parts
Worst: A lot of floor in the bottom half of the image

10# – crushyboy smashing metal toy car with Nike AF1
Best: Metal car broken into small parts
Worst: Low resolution. A bit defocus

9# – The Bigbootlegger stomping big stereo with boots
Best: Big electronic thing under hard boots
Worst: ¿?

8# – peter schmits stomping speaker with Dunlop rubber boots
Best: Hot man with great boots stomping
Worst: Only one speaker

7# – Liftinmike stomping 3 big electronic things with ranger boots
Best: Hard boots stomping big electronic stuff
Worst: ¿?

6# AND 6# – crushtogether AND Klaus der Große stomping toy truck with Nike
Best: Plastic toy crushing under nice sneakers
Worst: Soft floor

5# – Peter K flattening metal thin sheet truck model with Nike
Best: Big thing being bent and flattened
Worst: Harder footwear needed to crush it flat to the end

4# – fussmatte stomping bananas with ranger boots
Best: Hot boots. Good image quality and lighting
Worst: Only two bananas

3# – Hd Toycrusher stomping toy car with rubber boots
Best: Great views of the boots treads crushing the toy
Worst: Small toy car

2# – Kiff avec mes Nike making orange juice with Nike TN
Best: Very original instalation art. A lot of work needed to do it
Worst: ¿?

1# – Matt Ran friend stomping toys and things with different footwear
Best: Great crushings with worker boots. Good image daylight
Worst: A lot of mixed action in only one video

March 2017 YouTube Selection

A lot of boots action and some nice sneakers in this winter Selection. Imitate and enjoy


15# – Markus1120 crushing small box with Nike AF1
Best: Hot sneakers, nice view
Worst: Only one small box

14# – Skater Nike walking over tomatoes with Nike Air
Best: Nice outdoor crushing with hard sneakers
Worst: Tomatoes very easy

13# – KuroDharma stomping water bottles with Nike Kwazi
Best: Interesting sneakers soles. Please test with food
Worst: ¿?

12# – jeepfan7 crushing hamburger with Nike Shox
Best: Great heel views
Worst: All flattened into dust after first step

11# – Stéf FOX flattening apple with Salomon sneakers
Best: Hot man crushing with rough soles sneakers
Worst: ¿?

10# – lovinsneax1 stomping fruits with Nike
Best: Nice sneakers flattening fruits
Worst: Different sneaker in each foot

9# – friendsofNiketyp flattening chocolates box with Nike
Best: Flat soles. Crushing all inside the box
Worst: Soft floor

8# – peter schmits crushing apples with rubber boots
Best: The mirror is a great idea to see the soles
Worst: Pants outside boots

7# – RolandTheBigBootMan smashing wooden box with logger boots
Best: Big man with hard boots stomping big crunchy thing
Worst: Fallen pants outside boots hide boots and action

6# – Matt Ran friend stomping toy cars
Best: Great toys crushing slow motion
Worst: Fallen pants hide sneakers

5# – crushyboy smashing toy truck with Nike Air Jordan
Best: Hard sneakers stomping crunchy toy
Worst: ¿?

4# – marco potensa breaking plastic drawer with New Rock boots
Best: Great crunchy object to stomp
Worst: ¿?

3# – Liftinmike stomping VHS and CD machines with boots
Best: Some parts get very flattened under the boots
Worst: No show butts in this video

2# – crushtogether and friend crushing toys with Nike
Best: Hot crushing action
Worst: Toys very small

1# – Lester Gibbons destroying alarm clock with construction worker boots
Best: Alarm clocks are very solid and difficult to smash. You do it!
Worst: You show your soles very little time

February 2017 YouTube Selecton

A few wooden things, New Rock boots, some fruits and nice toys are shown in this winter selection of videos. Have fun, imitate and enjoy
15# – Hd Toycrusher smashing toy car with worker boots
Best: Worker boots toy crushing
Worst: A lot of empty floor in the image

14# – RolandTheBigBootMan flattening pringles cans with ranger boots
Best: Heavy man flatteing all
Worst: Poor image quality: Very low resolution. Backlight

13# – Brad Mikels stomping hot dogs with Nike Air Max
Best: Hot sneakers to crush food. Nice heels
Worst: Vertical video

12# – Viennaskater stomping toy boat with Etnies skater shoes
Best: Interesting crunchy toy under flat soles
Worst: First breaking lateral, instead of full weight big crrrunch

11# – The Bigbootlegger walking over toy cars with boots
Best: Toys get very broken under the boots
Worst: Very small toys or very far image

10# – osirisvideoboy destroying keyboard with New Rock boots
Best: Hard boots stomping hard things
Worst: Keyboards are difficult to crush

9# – Rock crush Ranger smashing wooden house with New Rock Boots
Best: Big wooden toy under hard boots
Worst: House walls separate very easy instead of breaking. Glue before needed

8# – Thermo Man making fruits juice with Dunlop rubber boots
Best: Nice grapes stomping
Worst: All fruits are very easy to crush with that boots

7# – skatz747 crushing wooden box with converse all star
Best: Big box nice crushing
Worst: ¿?

6# – Matt Ran friends stomping over a lot of toy cars
Best: Great toy crushings with nice sneakers
Worst: Backlight. Dark images

5# – Batonik smashing wooden wall clock with worker boots
Best: Interesting object to crush. Nice worker boots
Worst: Small and difficult crushing place floor

4# – Klaus der Große walking over grapes with Adidas Superstar
Best: Nice views. Hot fruits crushing under white soles sneakers
Worst: A lot of grapes flattened after the first steps, far from the camera

3# – stompman2 crushing chocolate with worker boots
Best: Nice food crushing with rough worker boots hard soles
Worst: ¿?

2# – crushtogether stomping electronic thing with Jordans Air Force 1
Best: Nice crushing with hot sneakers. Crunchy. Hairy legs
Worst: A lot of empty floor in the images

1# – Stomping Nike making apple juice with Nike TN
Best: Hot video. Hard soles sneakers flattening all. Nice outdoor light
Worst: Only one apple