July 2018 YouTube selection

Assorted selection of crushing videos this summer. A lot of toys, electronics, and some fruits. Sneakers do a nice work, but the boots are needed to make better damage

14# – preppyboyofIL crushing toy car with cleats
Best: Crunchy plastic toy breaking
Worst: Carpet floor. Very white image

13# – osirisvideoboy making tomato juice with industrial boots
Best: Hot boots crushing
Worst: Small tomatoes very easy for that boots

12# – Nike Boy stomping nuggets with Nike TN
Best: Hot sneakers. Hairy legs. Crushing the box
Worst: Nuggets are boring to crush

11# – Stomp Destroyer flattening candies with Nike Cortez
Best: Great views of the sweets being crushed and glued in the soles
Worst: All candies very small

10# – carsmasher45 stomping big toy car with cleats
Best: Big crunchy toy car
Worst: ¿?

9# – c0dy012 boy making fruits juice with AF1 and Jordan
Best: Nice views of hot sneakers stomping fruits
Worst: ¿?

8# – Crushboy1991/Crushtogether smashing calculator with Supras
Best: Calculators crushing are usually boring, but you make all parts into dust. Nice soles
Worst: Small calculator

7# – Boots Crush Channel stomping tangerines with army boots
Best: Great views of hot boots stomping fruits
Worst: Similar tangerines. Very easy for that boots

6# – Southern Stomper crushing toy plane with army boots
Best: Hot boots stomping toy
Worst: Toy planet not fully flattened at the end

5# – marc meuree smashing football game with rubber boots
Best: Big object stomped with hard boots
Worst: Very low resolution

4# – Thermo Man crushing radio with rubber boots
Best: Hard boots stomping and breaking complex object
Worst: ¿?

3# – BIG CRUSH stomping solar lamp with rubber boots
Best: Hard boots crush easily this crunchy object
Worst: Only one lamp. Soft floor

2# – Crushing 1000 flattening toy tractor with Nike Air Max
Best: Big toy being crushed to the end with nice sneakers
Worst: Only tyres did not got crushed or broken

1# – TRK Stomping breaking light bulbs with Adidas
Best: Hot views of the sneakers crushing the lamps
Worst: Broken glass can be dangerous with sneakers


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