June 2018 YouTube Selection

A large number of good quality crushing videos found on YouTube in the last month. It has been difficult to make a selection of them, and even more difficult to choose the main positions of this list. But here is it. A massacre of toy cars and other nice stuff getting stomped. Thanks to all the men into crushing. And you admirer, have fun and imitate.

17# – Gabe The stomper walking over chocolate cake with Nike Air Force
Best: Hot sneakers getting dirty stomping food
Worst: Paper sheets in the floor hide and difficult the crushing action

16# – The Bigbootlegger stomping alarm clock with boots
Best: Metal thing getting bended and crushed under boots
Worst: Weird color boots with thin soles

15# – Kiff avec mes Nike making orange juice with Nike Swoosh
Best: Great quality footage. Hot view of the sneakers crushing the oranges
Worst: The oranges cover each other while crushing

14# – Southern Stomper smashing toy copter with cowboy boots
Best: Crunchy toy getting brokeng part by part
Worst: Dark zones in the image. Backlight

13# – SuperNikeball flattening toy car with Nike Evolution
Best: Hot sneakers crushing metal toy
Worst: ¿?

12# – CruellStomper flattening bananas with army boots
Best: Hard boots flattening a lot of fruits
Worst: Dark areas hide boots details. A lot of empty floor in the bottom half of the image

11# – skatz747 crushing toy car with Adidas sneakers
Best: Nice views of the sneakers stomping crunchy plastic toy car
Worst: Thin soles sneakers can not crush all the parts. Black block inside car survive

10# – skinmaxcrush maxdestroyer smashing old electronic thing with army boots
Best: A lot of parts to crush in this large thing. Nice boots
Worst: has needed to use the ax

9# – Mad Dog and friend stomping vintage radio with boots
Best: Hot boots crushing big and hard thing
Worst: Hard stomps in the floor shake the image

8# – AvalonQc stepping over a cake with Osiris
Best: Hot sneakers flattening a whole cake and getting dirty
Worst: Vertical video

7# – Matt Ran friend stomping and buttscrushing a lot of toy cars with boots
Best: Hot views of the man crushing the toys
Worst: Weird footage. Many details missed. A lot of toys crushed in a very short time.

6# – Crushboy1991/Crushtogether crushing radishes with Adidas basketball
Best: Crunchy vegetables getting flattened by hot sneakers
Worst: ¿?

5# – Nacho Boots stomping toys and boxes with Dunlop rubber boots
Best: Great boots with large treads crushing nice toys
Worst: Vertical video

4# – Crushing 1000 smashing plastic toy car with boots
Best: hard boots breaking and crushing big plastic toy car to the end
Worst: ¿?

3# – Carlos Mata flattening big toy car with Nike basketball sneakers
Best: Hot sneakers crushing big toy car
Worst: Flat soles sneakers can not break the car in parts, just crush it

2# – Master Bradders stomping train models with Nike Air max and worker boots
Best: Hot views of the crushing. Trains get very broken in each step
Worst: Sunlight image problems

1# – crushyboy smashing big toy car with Nike AF 1
Best: Hard sneakers crushing metal toy car and breaking it a lot
Worst: ¿?


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