March 2018 YouTube Selection

Nice collection of videos this month. Form large printers to small fruits. All flattened by men with great sneakers and huge boots. Even multi-views stompings. Have fun, enjoy and imitate

15# – Matt Ran friend stomping toys with trekking boots
Best: Nice views of hot man stomping toys
Worst: Very fast action. Dettails missing

14# – skatz747 crushing boxes and bottles with Nike Air
Best: Great sneakers to crush all
Worst: Objects very easy to crush. Boring

13# – Denladd stomping cans and cups with Adidas hi tops
Best: Great sneakers to crush all
Worst: Objects very easy to crush. Boring

12# – osirisvideoboy flattening eggbox with large work boots
Best: Great worker boots to crush all
Worst: Only one egg box. Very easy to crush

11# – treads98 stomping wooden doll house with Timberland boots
Best: Man flattening big house with hard boots
Worst: Dark image. Nothing inside house. All walls broken before

10# – preppyboyofIL crushing toys with Nike Shox
Best: Nice sneakers. Hard plastic parts being crushed
Worst: Toy broken before. Soft floor

9# – shoe stud stomping bananas with steel toe worker boots
Best: Hard boots flattening fruits
Worst: Vertical video

8# – crushyboy crushing big toy car with Nike boots
Best: Hard sneakers breaking crunchy toy
Worst: Low resolution or dark image

7# – crushtogether flattening eggs and tomatoes with Nike AF1
Best: Hot sneakers flattening food
Worst: Raw eggs break very fast. Boiled eggs better

6# – Thermo Man stomping kiwis with rubber boots
Best: Nice boots making kiwis juice
Worst: ¿?

5# – SuperCrushall breaking toy car with Nike SB
Best: Crunchy toy car flattened under sneakers
Worst: ¿?

4# – Hd Toycrusher flattening toy excavator with worker boots
Best: Nice views of hard boots crushing plastic toy
Worst: Some parts not crushed at the end, the wheels

3# – Crushing 1000 smashing printer with Nike Air Max and ranger boots
Best: Hot sneakers and hard boots stomping big electronic thing
Worst: Can not finish the work with the sneakers

2# – Giant Crusher crushing model houses with Nike AF1
Best: Great sneakers. Second toy house crushing
Worst: ¿?

1# – MarkusTheGiant stomping printer with Adidas Stan Smith
Best: Soft sneakers can crush all the printer very well
Worst: ¿? – Unlaced left sneaker at the end


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