2017 most favorite YouTube stompers

This is a statistical sorting of the 87 stompers (youtube channel names) that have been selected in this weblog along 2017.


8 times

  • Mad Dog c-first


7 times

  • The Bigbootlegger (One time #1, One time #2)c-second
  • Matt Ran (One time #1)c-third
  • crushyboy


6 times

  • Hd Toycrusher
  • Liftinmike

5 times

  • Klaus der Große (One time #1)
  • RolandTheBigBootMan

4 times

  • Stomping Nike (Two times #1)
  • carsmasher45 (One time #1)
  • skinmaxcrush maxdestroyer (One time #1)
  • Crushing 1000 (One time #1)
  • peter schmits (One time #1)
  • crushtogether
  • Thermo Man

3 times

  • Lester Gibbons (One time #1)
  • Rubberbootsoldier, Peter K, Carlos Mata, Batonik, Nacho Boots, Иван Иванов and Mike Cortez

2 times

  • TheBootsStomper (One time #1)
  • marco potensa, Adidasfun Conversefun, skatz747, Armyman BootsHD, friendsofNiketyp, preppyboyofIL, MasterCrusher Uniform, The Gay Fetish Mag, Jonathan Forrest, Sneaker Fan, baggystomper and todatwostyle.

1 time

  • Gummistiefelfreund 78 (One time #1, and #1 of all 2017)
  • Kiff avec mes Nike and msalzg9171
  • John Smith, MrCrushfetish, stompman2 and Thom Venus
  • fussmatte and fynbear
  • TeenfeetStomp and TRK Stomping
  • John Crush and Quas
  • TheShoeslicker
  • Anónimo Asesino de Sueños, BIG CRUSH, bootsguy1984, Cristian Schaefer, crush master and
  • leondoro77, MrGummistiefel1, Rock crush Ranger and Stomp Destroyer
  • gadla, lovinsneax1, osirisvideoboy and The Stomper
  • SNeaK3RBoi617 and Stéf FOX
  • Bob ?, Boots Stomper, CoolKicks28, jeepfan7, Someone Clever, squisher and Viennaskater
  • Brad Mikels and KuroDharma
  • Bust Stuff, Engelbert Stomp, GiantLover, GunPlayer Phil, MarkusMark, Skater Nike, Steps and vibramfan
  • Markus1120 and Sneaker Lover
  • Kung Fu


Congratulations to all of them, to the other stompers not selected here yet, and to all men that share his crushing fetish via internet. Thanks you very much and please continue doing it in 2018.


You can remember the previous years best stompers in our Hall of Fame


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