July 2017 Youtube Selection

A lot of hard boots and a lot of nice toys in this summer selection of stoping videos. Have fun, imitate and enjoy.

15# – carsmasher45 stomping toy car with mountain boots
Best: Nice crunchy plastic toy under hard soles
Worst: White socks with dark boots

14# – Engelbert Stomp smashing electric timer with ranger boots
Best: Great boots stomping hard things
Worst: ¿?

13# – Hd Toycrusher flattening toy car with worker boots
Best: Nice views of hard boots soles stomping toys
Worst: Repetitive. Same style as your other videos

12# – Boots Stomper making tangerines juice with army boots
Best: Great boots vs dirty things
Worst: Small tangerines are very easy for these hard boots

11# – baggystomper crushing toy car with Nike
Best: Hot sneakers and nice crunchy toy. A lot of steppings with heel
Worst: ¿?

10# – Lester Gibbons flattening toy car with worker boots
Best: Very hard boots vs crunchy toy
Worst: First step very hard. A lot of empty floor in the image

9# – Liftinmike stomping VHS VCR with ranger boots
Best: Difficult thing to crush. Tight jeans
Worst: ¿?

8# – Carlos Mata flattening toy car with Reebok
Best: Hot hard sneakers
Worst: ¿?

7# – Иван Иванов stomping PC electronic part with army boots
Best: Great boots. Nice views of the crushing
Worst: Metal case already opened

6# – crushyboy smashing two toy trucks with Nike
Best: Nice crunchy plastic toys. Great hard sneakers
Worst: Low resolution or defocus

5# – Adidasfun Conversefun flattening fruits with Adidas Superstar
Best: Messy crushing with a lot of juice and footprints
Worst: Everything at once becomes very squishy fast

4# – Matt Ran friend stomping toys with basketball boots
Best: Nice crunchy toys. Great views of the man stomping them
Worst: $$$

3# – John Smith stepping on toys with logger boots
Best: Great toys and hot views of the man stomping them
Worst: Better one by one. Very fast. Each toy need more steps to be crushed

2# – Mad Dog crushing model toy house with Nike basketball boots
Best: Great sneakers. Crunchy house
Worst: ¿?

1# – Crushing 1000 stomping model toy houses with ranger boots
Best: Nice toy crushing views. A lot of noise
Worst: Pants outside boots


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