10 tips to stomp boxes much better

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The cardboard boxes are a great object to stomp. Some of its advantages are: easy to find, cheap, big, clean, etc… So, a lot of stompers choose the boxes to be crushed in his videos. Here are a few tips to get the most out of them.

Size does not matter

Big boxes and also smaller boxes can be very fun to stomp. Do not discard any box un-crushed.

The bigger boxes will need a few steps to get all crushed, and the smaller ones perhaps are full flattened in the floor after the first time you put your foot over them. But it can be a nice game too if you follow the other tips. Burstings, sounds, tearings and a lot of walls broken, not only flattened. Step over all the boxes!

Thickness is important

Take care of the class of cardboard used to build the box. Open it and look at the walls thickness. No box would survive under a man foot, but if the cardboard has several sheets of corrugated paper, the corners will be more hard and the crushing will be more destructive. Small boxes made of strong cardboard are very fun to stomp.

Glue all. Tape all

A big problem when you are stomping a box is when the flaps open and the box go to the floor under your foot without damages, just bended in the original shape. Now you can re-build it and crush again and again, but it is not very fun. We want to break it a lot.

So. You need to use tape and/or glue before, to close the box forever. Yor foot will not open it, and all the structure will be broken and crushed much more.

Take care of that fake bottomps with X shape. It seems very strong when the box is square, but a bit slant movement and each triangle go away. All opened and nothing broken. Tape it inside and outside.

If the box has a plastic window, it can be fun to kick it, or to tear it when the box is being crushed. But usually the plastic sheet is poorly glued and it would pop out very fast, without breaking. Glue it well to get a better crushing result.

The position is important

Most of the boxes are not perfect cubes. It has different width, different depth and different height. When you put them in the floor to crush them, you must choose the best position to benefit of it shape.

The key to make more damage in the stomping is to crush along the longer edges. It will be more broken and the walls got bended and torn. So, the bigger edges must be vertical. make the box as tall as possible. Easy to understand. Your foot will have a longer path of destruction until it reaches the floor.

So, take care with tall narrow boxes. If the base corners are damage first when you start the stomp, it will lie down in the floor easily, and you only crush the short sides at the end. Long sides keep un-crushed in the floor. Perhaps. Maybe you should choose an intermediate solution to place the box. There will be a sufficiently tall position, but also stable enough so that your foot does not tumble and crush it well down.

So, the shape is important

If you have a very long or a very flat box, it can be difficult to stand it up to crush and destroy its larger sides. Finally it will be tumbled in the floor and you only crush flat its most tiny edges.

So, do not chose one of these difficult boxes to show in a video your newest sneakers in HD 1080, the crushing will not be very spectacular.

Make a tower!

If you only can find long or flat boxes, no problem. Crush them all!

Put them in a stack, glue them if needed, and your feet will do a good work with them. A lot of tiny corners under the heels are a nice experience.

If no lid

If the box is open, no top lid, perhaps the best position is facing the open side bottom. In this way you will continue having four solid corners to crush and a top wall to sink.

Anyting inside, much better

The boxes are usually empty when we stomp them. The walls are easy and fast to crush. It would be more fun if there is anything inside. Some boxes have inner separator walls and other safety elements. Fragance boxes usually have a double ball, another box inside. Bubble wrap and styrofoam cases also are nice to crush within the box. Do not remove them. Make all flat inside.

The shape of these inner elements are also important to set the position of the box. Remember them and try to have a lot of vertical edges and corners to crush. Tape them to have more endurance if you need it.

You can also place inside the box any object you want. It will not be visible in the videos, so do not choose the “important” things that you would like to show. Remains of previous stompings can be recycled here. Or, tell your friend to put anything inside. If it makes noise or liquid comes out, guess what it was.

Choose the footwear

The box will end flattened anyways. Regular soles sneakers will be do a great work. But if you want to tear the cardboard or to crush anything inside the box, football cleats or rough soles boots can be a good choice. Styrofoam elements inside a box are hard to break.

If you love footprints, you can make your soles a bit wet or a bit dirty before the stomping. Walk over water or crush any small food or fruit before going for the box. Better outdoor. And better is the cardboard is raw, white or brown, without plastic film protection and drawings.

The first step

This is the most important step. The box structure is still strong and you will do a great damage now. Next steps, if needed, just finish to crush flat the remains in the floor. So, make sure the first step looks great in the video. Stomp in the side of the box next to the camera, and do not hide your foot with the other foot.

If you plain to step in the top center of a big box, to sink the lid, please elevate the cam. Use a tripod to catch all the action. If your camera is in the floor the only action we watch will be your foot hidden by the walls of the box.

After the first step, when the front wall of the box is smashed down, you can continue crushing the other remain parts, turning the whole box, etc, until nothing is left.

Store, reuse, recycle

If you find nice boxes and this is not the moment to take a stomping video, you can store them easily by folding them. They are very flat and does not take a lot of space. This is not very weird to have a few boxes at home if anybody find them. Enjoy making your stomping videos in the best moment, using the boxes you have saved before.

After the crushing, if the box is not very broken, you can rebuild it. Flattening and folding in it original shape. It can be used to fill another bigger box in your next stomping, to get more endurance and getting the crushing more fun.

When all is smashed and broken, do not forget to dispose the remains in a paper recyclage bin. It will produce more boxes to stomp again and again.





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