December YouTube Selection

A large selection of stomping videos catched from Youtube in the last month. A lot of nice toys, some fruits and any other thing to finish the 2016 crushing a lot. Imitate and enjoy.

17# – osirisvideoboy crushing light bulb with brown army boots
Best: Hot army boots. Crunchy object
Worst: Very easy object break too fast

16# – NikeGuyBr making lemon juice with Nike Air Force One
Best: Hot Sneakers. Nice views
Worst: Only one lemon. Not full flattened

15# – Stomping Nike flattening fruits with Nike Air Max
Best: Nice fruits crushing
Worst: ¿?

14# – leondoro77 stomping toy truck with Geox sneakers
Best: Plastic toy crushing
Worst: Not smashed to the end

13# – Hd Toycrusher stomping toy excavator with worker boots
Best: Crunchy toy under heavy man with hard boots
Worst: Whe can not see the whole boots never

12# – Matt walking over blue xmas balls with blue Nike Air Max
Best: Hard sneakers crunchy crushing
Worst: Repetitive balls

11# – skatz747 stomping r/c toy car with DC skater shoes
Best: Nice toy to crush
Worst: Defocus. Low resolution

10# – Carlos Mata crushing toy truck with DC sneakers
Best: Hard toy car under hard sneakers
Worst: Low image quality

9# – Crushing 1000 flattening fruits and vegetables with ranger boots
Best: Different things under nice boots
Worst: Very dark

8# – Aussie Boots flattening bananas with work boots
Best: Hot banana crushing with nice boots
Worst: Very slow action. Only one banana in 11 minutes

7# – Liftinmike stomping VHS with boots
Best: Difficult thing smashed into parts to the end. Nice butts wiews
Worst: ¿?

6# – Nikestomper smashing toy tractor with Sketcher sneakers
Best: Hot sneakers. Nice toy crushing
Worst: ¿?

5# – carsmasher45 crushing toy truck with Adidas
Best: Great classic adidas to crush all
Worst: ¿?

4# – Klaus der Große walking over bananas and other small fruits ith Etnies
Best: Great fruits crushing with flat soles sneakers
Worst: ¿?

3# – kflpdlt flattening donuts with New Balance sneakers
Best: Hot views. Flat soles sneakers chocolate crushing
Worst: Difficult to see the soles with the sweets flattened

2# – Boots Stomper crushing eggs with combat boots
Best: Great boots stomping dirty things
Worst: 5 eggs in only one step. One un-crushed egg at the end

1# – fussmatte walking over xmas gifts with engineer boots
Best: Objects inside the boxes
Worst: Flat soles boots


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