October YouTube Selection

A great compilation of videos last october. Men crushes a few nice toys to make spaces for the new toys… that will be crushed next year. Also some fruits and things are nice to stomp. Have fun, imitate and enjoy.

15# – BootedClay stomping two toy cars with shinny boots
Best: Crunchy toys crushing
Worst: ¿?

14# – MasterCrusher Uniform walking over waste with rubber boots
Best: Hot man in jeans crushing things
Worst: boring things to crush

13# – crushyboy stomping toy cars with Reebok trekking sneakers
Best: Hard sneakers stomping toys
Worst: Very small toy cars

12# – MacroBlaze stomping aluminium paper sculptures with DC skater shoes
Best: Hot sneakers flattening things
Worst: Very easy. Nothing inside the sculptures

11# – bootboy sg crushing fruits with ranger boots
Best: Great boots for crushing. Nice views
Worst: Fruits are very easy for that boots

10# – Klaus der Große walking over grapes with Nike basketball boots
Best: Nice crushing with great sneakers. Near views
Worst: ¿?

9# – carsmasher45 stomping big toy van with football cleats
Best: Nice crunchy toy. Cleats are good to break the plastic parts
Worst: Cleats soles empty space can not crush flat in the floor some remains

8# – Matt Ran friend flattening toy tractor with sneakers
Best: Hot toy crushing, white soles, near view
Worst: Soft soles

7# – The Bigbootlegger stomping toy robot with hard boots
Best: Nice crunchy toy. Great boots with large treads
Worst: ¿?

6# – KuroDharma making apple juice with Adidas classic basketball boots
Best: Great sneakers. All flattened. Nice legs
Worst: ¿?

5# – Crushing 1000 walking over computer mouse with worker boots
Best: Great boots. Computer mouses can be difficult to break
Worst: Short video

4# – Nikestomper crushing big metal toy bus with Skechers
Best: Nice crushing with metal bending and plastic breaking under big sneakers
Worst: The whole bus flattened in the first step

3# – Adidasfun Conversefun stomping bread and apple with Nike AF1
Best: Hot man with jeans and big sneakers flattening food
Worst: Stair step in the floor hides crushed remains and difficult total flattening

2# – Matt stomping wooden toy guitar with Nike Dunk
Best: Nice crunchy thing to stomp. Hot sneakers
Worst: Expensive thing

1# – Bayer1987 crushing cardboard tray with Adidas
Best: Hot sneakers + hairy legs flattening hard cardboard
Worst: Short video


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