November YouTube Selection

Great selection of stomping videos found on YouTube in the last month. Have fun watching them and please imitate

13# – BalloonPopLover flattening metal tank model with Nike Free
Best: Interesting models to stem and make flat
Worst: Soft sneakers

12# – Tim Bearman stomping toy car with Nike Pump
Best: Hot sneakerss
Worst: Small toy car. Low resolution video

11# – licker64 crushing robotic bugs with different sneakers and boots
Best: Nice thing to crush. It is moving like real bugs
Worst: Some robots does not get flattened under soft soles sneakers

10# – kflpdlt walking over pasta with Nike Air
Best: Hot sneakers walking over crunchy things
Worst: All is made into dust very fast

9# – crushtogether stomping toy truck with Nike Air Jordan
Best: Hot toy smashing
Worst: Weird sneakers color

8# – Nikestomper smashing toy car with Nike AF1
Best: Hot sneakrs stomping toy
Worst: ¿?

7# – crush master stomping two toy cars with army boots
Best: Hot man in army gear crushing toys
Worst: ¿?

6# – skatz747 destroying toy train set with Nike
Best: Nice flat soles sneakers stomping crunchy toy
Worst: Soft carpeted floor. Fast jumpings instead of slow steps

5# – crushandstomp flattening biscuits with work boots
Best: Great boots to crush all
Worst: All the stuff made into dust very fast. No heel crushings

4# – bootsmade4crushing smashing big radio with boots
Best: Very big radio with a lot of parts inside to smash
Worst: ¿?

3# – TheNiketyp walking over a lot of apples and stomping more things with ranger boots
Best: Hot boots flattening all
Worst: Apples over soft grass

2# – Sneakers Nike stomping fruits with Nike
Best: Great food crushing scenes
Worst: Camera very down in the floor

1# – crushyboy smashing toy excavator with Nike
Best: Nice hard plastic toy to crush
Worst: ¿?


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