September YouTube Selection

A lot of fruits crushed this month in the selection of YouTube videos.

12# crush master stomping fruits with army boots
Best: Hot action in nice army boots walking over fruits
Worst: Bad footage. Stompings out of plane. Camera moving

11# Nikestomper flattening tomatoes with different sneakers heels
Best: Nice testing comparison
Worst: Very near. Dark areas

10# Astur Mongin stomping fruits with Nike Air Max
Best: Hot sneakers crushing fruits
Worst: Pepper already crushed. A lot of white light

9# dani732001 flattening tomatoes with rubber boots
Best: Nice dirty crushing
Worst: Very easy tomatoes

8# TheNiketyp and friend playing with oranges with Nike
Best: Hot men crushing oranges
Worst: ¿?

7# Rubberbootsoldier flattening bananas underglass with rubber boots
Best: Huge boots crushing food
Worst: Glass very dirty after first steps

6# bootsmade4crushing smashing toy truck with boots
Best: Nice crunchy toy to be stomped
Worst: ¿?

5# Mike S stomping grapes with Nike Air Force One
Best: Huge sneakers crushing food
Worst: Slow video. A lot of time between crushings

4# Boots Stomper walking over plastic toy with army boots
Best: Great hard boots. Toy with very crunchy parts
Worst: Very small crush-able parts

3# Klaus der Große walking over grapes with classic Adidas
Best: Hot sneakers flattening dirty things outdoor
Worst: Very few grapes

2# boots4fun walking over kiwis with rubber boots
Best: Great boots. Nice kiwi stompings
Worst: ¿?

1# al grant smashing toy car with sneakers
Best: Hot man stomping toy
Worst: ¿?


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