August 2015 YouTube Selection

Boots win again in the selection of YouTube videos of the last month

#12 – biddingshop smashing eyeglasses with fireman rubber boots
Best: Hard footwear stomping crunchy thing
Worst: ¿?

#11 – Boots Stomper flattening food with combat boots
Best: Great boots to crush anything
Worst: All gets very dirty fast. This is difficult to see the details of the crushing

#10 – skatz747 stomping transportation case with Supra Hi Top sneakers
Best: Hot sneakers stomping big thing
Worst: Camera placed very down in the floor, can not see the crushing inside the case

#9 – crushyboy smashing toy truck with Nike Air Max
Best: Nice sneakers + toy crushing
Worst: ¿?

#8 – Niki crush flattening model train with Nike Running
Best: Crunchy toy train under sneakers
Worst: Video end before all crushed

#7 – Ryan Stomper walking over sweets with army boots
Best: Nice boots. Plastic bag bursting. All flattened
Worst: Slow footage. A lot of time stopped or waiting between steps

#6 – stompman2 flattening toy excavator with steel soled boots
Best: Great hard boots. Nice crunchy toy
Worst: Very small toy for that boots. Very easy to crush

#5 – Cristian Schaefer stomping apples and potatoes with worker footwear
Best: Hot crushing with hard shoes
Worst: Unstable floor and weird light

#4 – Gummistiefelfreund 78 crushing VHS tape and plastic bucket with rubber boots
Best: Hot worker flattening all
Worst: Did not crush the empty tape case

#3 – fynbear flattening flowerpot with boots
Best: Hot boot with nice soles. All flattened in one step
Worst: Very small flowerpot

#2 – Liftinmike smashing vintage audio thing with ranger boots
Best: Nice wood case to crush
Worst: ¿?

#1 – crushandstomp stomping toy cars with work boots
Best: Hot work boots crushing nice plastic toys
Worst: A bit dark


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