Nice ideas to crush per about one dollar or less

Stomping waste stuff is always a good idea, but sometimes we want anything different and it can be interesting to spend a small amount of money buying things just for crushing. Our consumer society bring us a lot of cheap products and there is a small list of samples. Share your own ideas and enjoy.

1-150 scale figures

Scale Figures for models

That small people are sold very cheap in quantities to decorate 1:150 railway models and other dioramas. The admirers of microphilia and macrophilia fetishes for sure would like to walk over his 3cm tall bodies. If you use football cleats or hard soles boots, you will damage them in different ways.



Badminton Balls

Badminton shuttlecocks perhaps are accidentally stomped sometimes by the players with his sneakers, but you can buy them to crush on purpose because the basic plastic models are very cheap.


buns package

Industrial-made sweets

Diabetes, cholesterol and other diseases are inside that sort of buns, sweets and snacks made in large factories using the worst ingredients. Eating them is not a good idea, but stomping them is a fun game. Messy stuff glued in your soles, nice footprints and inside fillings splashed around is an all-in-one experience for our fetish.


cd cases

CD Cases

CD ROMS and DVD are the past. Some shops are selling old stocks of CD cases and related holders in very low prices. Imagine how much crunchy are them when you step over… over the whole pile.



Party and cocktail decoration

There is a large catalog of small disposable items for decorating cocktail cups, drinks and ice cream deserts. Usually made of paper folded in weird structures, got fully smashed easily.


hard boiled eggs

Hard boiled eggs with shell

If you stomp a raw egg, it breaks very fast and only leave a lot of liquid to clean. Hard boiled eggs crushing is much more fun. A lot of solid mess inside to make flat. And even more interesting if it has the shell yet, nice sound. Hard boiled eggs also can be bough in packs at supermarkets.



Magic cubes

All plastic toys are great for stomping, but the magic cubes can be a success story. You will need hard footwear if you are not very heavy, but the crushing of the 26 small cubes and the inside axis will make a lot of sound and a great devastation. Poor quality imitation products can be found under 1$. You do not need to look for weird shapes and models, the cheapest classic 3x3x3 will offer you a great crushing experience.



Organizers and sorting elements

The plastics industries provide us a large selection of small boxes, trays, cabinets and supplies to store and classify small parts. That transparent plastic does not make a lot of sound when break, but imagine all the walls and separators being demolished. Flat soles sneakers would provide a pretty good flattening under your weight, but you can use hard treads to get a full devastation.


pencil sharpeners

Pencil sharpeners

They have always been here but you never thought in stomping them. The basic models cost only a few cents and the heel of your boot will make a lot of sound and a lot of small parts with them.




You can model all figures you want and easily crush them leaving nice footprints. Then retrieve the flat mess and stomp again and again.



solar bugs

Mechanical bugs

Do you like the idea of stomping small moving beings, but you get sad if you crush real bugs. They will stop in the shadow of your foot. Men vs robots, this is a futuristic experience.




The favorite dry fruit of the autumn. Very very crunchy.


small blocks

4mm block toys

A large selection of cheap blocks toys are coming. Small boxes 1$ or less. This is the same as Lego but the blocks are half-sized, very small, and the plastic is more thin and very easy to break under feet. Build your favorite character or structure and see how its blocks are pressed into each other and smashed when you walk over them. After them perhaps a few bocks will survive, so you can make another smaller model and play again. Bonus: the box.



xmas balls

Xmas decoration

That shiny colourful balls are a classical must-have for any stomper. Very cheap and very crunchy, we never tire of discovering new models and new ways to crush them.


shot cups

Shot cups

Regular size plastic cups are very easy to crush and they get flattened very fast under our soles. Small cups are more fun. Some models in transparent hard plastic would be very crunchy, and small structures inside even more. Smaller the better, and smaller cheaper.



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