May 2015 YouTube Selection

Enjoy with this assorted selection of stomping videos found at YouTube

11# – StompbyCleats smashing styrofoam box with football cleats
Best: Big box nice to crush
Worst: Jumpings not needed

10# – ToyCrusherRay stomping boiled egg with hikking shoes
Best: Boiled eggs are nice to crush. Great soles. Hot heel crushing
Worst: Very rough soles to crush that easy object.

9# – Sneaker Fan flattening kiwis with Adidas
Best: Nice outdoor dirty crushing with hard sneakers
Worst: only mud at the end. Nothing more to crush

8# – sneakerswissboy stomping toy bus with Nike Air
Best: Big toy crushed under hot sneakers
Worst: Need to jump. Poor image quality

7# – iCrusher19 making pears juice with Nike Hardcourt
Best: Flat soles to flat all
Worst: ¿?

6# – crushyboy smashing toy car with DM working boots
Best: Nice toy crusing with hard boots
Worst: ¿?

5# – licker64 stomping toy house with Nike Cortez
Best: Hard toy under hot sneakers
Worst: Toy full break very fast in one step

4# – Mike Cortez smashing desk phone with Nike Cortez
Best: Hard crushing with hot sneakers
Worst: Scene a bit far

3# – Viking Crush flattening rotten bananas with work boots
Best: Hard work boots nice to flat all
Worst: Very very sof object

2# – crush master smashing bike helmet with army boots
Best: Great breaking
Worst: ¿?

1# – preppyboyofIL crushing xmas decoration with big basketball boots
Best: Hot sneakers. Nice heels crushing
Worst: Soft floor


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