February 2015 YouTube Selection

A lot of boots in this winter month. All gets easily crushed. Have fun, imitate and enjoy.

#11 – Mtoker68 smashing plastic toy truck with army boots
Best: Nice toy under strong boots
Worst: Dark. Backlight

#10 – Fynbear destroying kitchen scale with boots
Best: Hot man stomping big crunchy object
Worst: Weird boots

#9 – Niki Crush stomping plastic board toy with football cleats
Best: Big plastic toy nice to crush
Worst: ¿?

#8 – Sneaker Fan making mandarines juice with Nike Dual Fusion
Best: Flat soles sneakers made great juice of fruits
Worst: ¿?

#7 – licker64 stomping saussages, oranges and dessert with ranger boots
Best: Hard boots getting dirty with food
Worst: Small place

#6 – Crushyboy stomping plastic toy car with Nike Trax
Best: Hot sneaker vs crunchy toy
Worst: Low resolution

#5 – Osirisvideoboy flattening cardboard box with snow boots
Best: Massive boots stomping a big object. The box supports full weight
Worst: Soft floor

#4 – BBD4BOOTS smashing electric alarm clock with logger boots
Best: Great very hard boots for stomping
Worst: Short video. Very fast

#3 – Nikestomper crushing animatronic toy with Nike Air
Best: Interesting toy with inside machinery to be stomped
Worst: ¿?

#2 – cobra112600 stomping toy bus with boots
Best: Huge boots stomping slowly a crunchy plastic toy
Worst: A bit dark

#1 – Nick u smashing speaker with Nike Air Jordan
Best: Hot sneakers stomping hard crunchy object
Worst: Leaves in the floor hide dettails of crushed parts


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