2014 YouTube Selection

This is a personal choice made between all the YouTube videos that were first position on the selection of each month in this weblog along 2014. All of them are now still available. Have fun by remembering them, and continue stomping a lot in this new year.


12# – September – Nikestomper flattening metal bread box with Nike

11# – June – Nikestomper smashing oil lamp with Nike Air

10# – January – Niki crush destroying to toy garage buildings with Nike

9# – March – Nikestomper smashing robot xmas tree with Nike Free

8# – April – Liftinmike smashing big radio with hard boots

7# – August – mankatomn crushing two eggboxes and eggs with big boots

6# – October – Nikestomper stomping toy cars and truck with Nike Air Max

5# – November – crush master flattening kiwis box and saussage  with army boots

4# – December – Liftinmike smashing big toy car with army boots

c-third3# – July – wetleather37 crushing toy train and house model

c-second2# – February – Fritz Streber crushing a lot of toy trains with rubber boots

1c-first# – May – wetleather37 stomping toy house with Nike



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