November YouTube Selection

A few hard boots in this set of stomping videos from YouTube

12# – ToyCrusherRay making grapefruit juice with Adidas
Best: Nice soles
Worst: ¿?

11# – SNeaK3RBoi617 smashing halloween pumpkin with Nike AF1
Best: Big object under hot sneakers
Worst: Some parts does not get really flattened, just kicked

10# – nike1972germany flattening meals over a table with Nike Air Max
Best: Hot man stomping food
Worst: Some hard stomps for easy objects

9# – RolandTheBigBootMan crushing egg carton with Timberland black workboots
Best: Great boots. Flat soles to crush all the cones
Worst: Very easy object for a heavyweight man

8# – dani732001 flattening vegetables with rubber boots
Best: Rubber boots can walk over all dirty juicy things
Worst: A lot of riped fruit is crushed very easy

7# – crushyboy stomping toy car with Nike
Best: Hot sneakers to crush toys
Worst: ¿?

6# – crushtogether flattening tomatoes with Nike AF1
Best: Fruits crushed flat
Worst: Very small tomatoes

5# – Nikestomper smashing toy truck with ranger boots
Best: Big plastic toy under boots
Worst: ¿?

4# – Sneaker Fan making tangerine juice with Reebok classic sneakers
Best: Hot sneakers crushing dirty things outdoor
Worst: ¿?

3# – Cristian Schaefer stomping eggbox, bottle, dishes and wood speaker with hard sneakers
Best: Nice heels crushing. Hot sneakers
Worst: Weird lighting

2# – Viking Crush destroying big basket with Elten workshoes
Best: Crunchy basket. Hard footwear with nice soles
Worst: ¿?

1# – crush master flattening kiwis box and saussage  with army boots
Best: Hot army boots walking outdoor over dirty things
Worst: ¿?


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