June YouTube Selection

The men start the summer crushing a lot of toys with boots and hard footwear. Imitate and enjoy!

10# – ronniebiker999 flattening potato with Nike Cortez
Best: Huge sneakers with flat sole flattening food
Worst: Very easy

9# – martin gigere stomping sweets with Nike Dunk boots
Best: Hot crushing hairy legs
Worst: ¿?

8# – Conrad Opie crushing toy tank with Nike Air Max
Best: Nice crunching sound and destruction at first step
Worst: Very dark zones

7# – bootsguy1984 flattening fruits outdoor with rubber boots
Best: Hard boots getting dirty by crushing food
Worst: Crushed stuff sink in the water

6# – Mike Cortez stomping toy copter with Adidas
Best: Nice toy crushing with sneakers
Worst: ¿?

5# – bootsmade4crushing smashing big firemen truck with hard boots
Best: Big toy crushing
Worst: ¿?

4# – crushyboy stomping big flashlight with white sneakers
Best: Nice crunching object hot to crush
Worst: A bit dark

3# – Lester Gibbons crushing toy ambulance with Nike work boots
Best: Hard toy under hard boots
Worst: When crashes, the toy is smashed very fast

2# – purg77 stomping toy track circuit with hard work boots
Best: Hot worker stomping toy
Worst: Very elastic parts does not break

1# – Nikestomper smashing oil lamp with Nike Air
Best: Big object being flattened slowly under nice sneakers
Worst: Hard boots would have done even more damage


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