May 2014 YouTube Selection

Why men like to stomp toys so much?
In this monthly YouTube selection of videos we can find a great example of it

11# – Tubing800 smashing model toy houses with boots
Best: Nice houses under hard boots
Worst: A lot of floor in the image. Houses break very fast

10# – Mike Cortez flattening burger with Nike Cortez
Best: Hot sneakers stomping food outdoor
Worst: ¿?

9# – redblueyes crushing boxes with Nike Reax
Best: Hard sneakers flattening all
Worst: Paper boxes get crushed very easily

8# – Lester Gibbons smashing toy truck with Nike ACG Boots
Best: Hard boots breaking plastic toy car
Worst: ¿?

7# – Nick U stomping big baby toy with basketball boots
Best: Hot sneakers smashing big plastic toys
Worst: Small unstable floor

6# – bootsguy1984 flattening a lot of food with rubber boots
Best: Dirty crushing with rubber boots
Worst: A big mesh after a few steps

5# – crushyboy stomping flashlight with Nike
Best: Hot hard sneakers breaking crunchy plastic object
Worst: A bit dark

4# – bootsmade4crushing stomping baby toy ball with boots
Best: Big hard crunchy toy under heavy man with hard boots
Worst: ¿?

3# – Matteo rantu friend stomping toy trucks with trekking boots
Best: Nice toy crushing outdoor
Worst: Unfinished. Video ends very fast

2# – Nikestomper flattening plastic toy building with Nike
Best: Slow crushing until all is flattened under your weight
Worst: You could have taught a corner or more sides of the building to see more damages while crushing

1# – wetleather37 stomping toy house with Nike
Best: Great sneakers to crush all
Worst: House break very fast


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