February 2014 YouTube Selection

A lot of boots in this wintry YouTube selection

#9  – sllthr smashing alarm clock with snowboard boots
Best: Weird massive boots stomping
Worst: Some parts keep uncrushed

#8 – Sneaker Fan flattening cake with ranger boots
Best: Nice dirty crushing
Worst: All gets made into mud very fast

#7 – licker64 stomping strawberries with boots
Best: Hard boots vs nice fruits
Worst: All gets made into mud very fast, and you forget to crush the box

#6 – Crush6742 flattening sweets with rubber boots
Best: Big boots crushing with heel
Worst: ¿?

#5 – bootsmade4crushing stomping toy with boots
Best: Big plastic toy crushing
Worst: ¿?

#4 – Lester Gibbons crushing toy plane with work boots
Best: Great boots for toy crushing
Worst: The plastic of the toy was very elastic

#3 – Nikestomper smashing toy car with Nike Free
Best: Hot toy crushing with sneakers
Worst: ¿?

#2 – wetleather37 smashing toy car with Adidas
Best: Nice sneakers for crushing
Worst: A bit dark

#1 – Fritz Streber crushing a lot of toy trains with rubber boots
Best: Great crunchy plastic toys to crush
Worst: Some times very fast



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