2013 most favorited YouTube stompers

This is a statistical recount of the crushers (youtube channels) that have been chosen as favorite in this weblog along the months of 2013.


10 times

  • bootsmade4crushingc-first


8 times

  • MikeC0017 (one time #1)c-second
  • crushtogether (never #1)c-third


6 times

  • bootsguy1984

5 times

  • fynbear (two times #1, and #1 of all 2013)
  • Yunkjard
  • Rubberbootsoldier
  • giantsneaker

4 times

  • crushyboy

3 times

  • SuperNikeball
  • twistrunner86
  • Nikestomper
  • licker64
  • OmashoesBuffs

2 times

  • Matteo rantu, the kiff, MrCrushfetish and Ulysse Ithaque (one time #1)
  • Niki crush, continental73, Liftmike, sneaksgaytoy, dani732001, Paul M, icrusher19

1 time

  • 555boyboyboy, nike92500 , nikeairmaxlicker and stompman2 (one time #1)
  • JHONATHAN MARTINEZ, kens1911 and skater41600715
  • Bigfootgiant15 and SNeaK3RBoi617
  • baggystomper, ronniebiker999 and skinmax
  • mysneaker100, Nike Silver and pooh. san.two
  • Sneakers Nike and Thecrushboy1988
  • RolandTaylorJr, sp91170 and wheresthebeeph
  • rangeos72, redblueyes and stompJPN
  • Nike Air Max and stomptrain
  • brazilboy01, crush master, kflpdlt, MacroCrush, neromas6, shoxstomper22 and Tubing800
  • carsmasher45, Nike Cortez, TheAF1Guy and wellygoodman
  • Sneaker Fan


Congratulations to all of them, to the other stompers not selected here yet, and to all men that share his crushing fetish via internet. Thanks you very much and please crush very much in 2014.


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