December YouTube Selection

The last selection of videos from the past year brings us two weird buttcrushings and a lot of hard boots. Imitate and enjoy.

11 # – carsmasher45 stomping toy truck with work boots
Best: Hard boots vs plastic toy
Worst: Dark image low resolution

10 # – MacroCrush smashing toy car by sitting over, stomping barefeet and breaking with hands
Best: Hot man destroying toy
Worst: Buttscrushing better with tight jeans, and stomping better with sneakers

9 # – crushtogether crushing radishes with Adidas
Best: Nice hard crunchy vegetable to crush
Worst: ¿?

8 # – Mike Cortez stomping plastic football souvenir
Best: Great crunchy transparent plastic thing
Worst: Nothing inside the box

7 # – bootsguy1984 flattening xmas decoration with hard boots
Best: Brutal boots vs nice xmas decoration
Worst: All collapses very easy

6 # – OmashoesBuffs stomping model buildings with Nike Air
Best: Strong sneakers stomping plastic elements
Worst: ¿?

5 # – Paul M flattening sweets with rubber boots
Best: A lot of things in the way of a booted man
Worst: Very messy at the end to view the last crushings

4 # – continental73 stomping toy car with dunlop rubber boots
Best: Brutal rubber work boots stomping big plastic toy car
Worst: ¿?

3 # – crushyboy crushing toy bus with Nike TN
Best: Great toy to crush
Worst: A bit dark

2 # – bootsmade4crushing demolishing big plastic dollhouse with boots
Best: Huge plastic toy to crush
Worst: Weird way to crush it by side. No stomping from roof top

1 # – Matteo rantu friend smashing big toy truck buttscrushing and stomping with Nike
Best: Great heavy crusher destroying a big toy with tight jeans and hot sneakers
Worst: Dark images



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