July 2012 YouTube Selection

A large selection of great stomping videos this month. Imitate and enjoy

12 # – crushtoguether stomping two blue boxes with skater shoes
Best: Big boxes
Worst: ¿?

11 # – Niki crush, breaking toy with football cleats
Best: Great noisy plastic toy to crush
Worst: Cleats can not flat all to the end

10 # – Yunkjard smashing big radio with Converse All Star
Best: Huge electroni thing to stomp
Worst: Soft sneakers

9 # – icrusher19 stomping orange with Nike AF1
Best: Hot crushing in wesome lighting
Worst: Very easy fruit for hard sneakers

8 # – dani732001 making plums juice pile with rubber boots
Best: A lot of fruits to crush with rubber boots
Worst: Repetitive

7 # – bootsguy1984 stomping fruits with rubber boots
Best: Great rubber boots crushing a lot of fruits
Worst: Small floor area to step

6 # – Thecrushboy1988 stomping apples inside and outside a bag with Shox
Best: Big apples
Worst: ¿?

5 # – giantsneakers stomping toy truck with Reebok
Best: Classic sneakers crushing nice plastic toy
Worst: Poor quality image. Low resolution

4 # – skinmax disintegrating vhs tapes with army boots
Best: Brutal hard boots crushing
Worst: A bit repetitive. All the stompings very fast

3 # – the kiff stomping bix boxes and other things with rubber boots
Best: Nice crushings, all flattened. Hot butts in jeans
Worst: Ugly boots

2 # – JHONATHAN MARTINEZ friends stomping remote control toy car with sneakers
Best: Handsome men stomping toy
Worst: ¿?

1 # – 555boyboyboy crushing Mon Chery chocolates with Nike AF1
Best: Great sneakers flattening and getting dirty soles with chocolate
Worst: Very easy sweets



2 thoughts on “July 2012 YouTube Selection

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    I do not mean to commercialize it too much, just mentioning it to those who like crushing by big guys with big socked feet 😉

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