March 2013 YouTube Selection

A great selection of stomping videos this month. Imitate and enjoy
#10 – shoxstomper22 breaking xmas lights with hard work boots
Best: Nice crunching sounds
Worst: A lot of wires in the floor. Difficult to see things flattened

#9 – yunkjard destroying digital alarm clock with work boots
Best: Great boots to crush
Worst: Soft floor

#8 – bootsmade4crushing stomping radio control toy car with hard boots
Best: A few merciless steps with heel
Worst: ¿?

#7 – MikeC0017 stomping toy helicopter with Puma Speedcat
Best: Nice plastic toy
Worst: Soft floor

#6 – bootsguy1984 crushing plants with rubberboots
Best: Pots are fun to crush
Worst: ¿?

#5 – Rubberbootsoldier flattening a lot of bananas with rubber boots
Best: Great mess made with rubber boots
Worst: Fun but repetitive

#4 – sneaksgaytoy stomping food with Puma
Best: Hard sneakers crushing all in the earth
Worst: ¿?

#3 – OmashoesBuffs and friend stomping toys with hard rubber boots
Best: Great destruction with hard boots
Worst: Two men crushing different things at the same time. Difficult to follow

#2 – skater41600715 destroying toy houses with work boots
Best: Toy houses being crushed under boots
Worst: ¿?

#1 – fynbear crushing toy truck with hard boots
Best: Great toy to crush
Worst: ¿?


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