June 2012 YouTube Selection

A lot of classical sneakers this month. Thanks and have fun.

#10 – MrRubberBootFreak flattening pear in mud with Hummel shoes
Best: Dirty crushing outdoors all flattened
Worst:  Only one fruit. very easy

#9 – friendsofNiketyp stomping boxes and pineapple with Adidas Samba
Best: Classic sneakers stomping trash
Worst: Very easy boxes

#8 – 2205Stefan stomping a small toy bus with leather boots
Best: Nice toy all flattened
Worst: ¿?

#7 crushyboy stomping metal toy car with Nike Air
Best: Great sneakers to crush toys
Worst: ¿?

#6 – nicolas76ification crushing wood boxes with cowboy boots
Best: Great boxes to crush
Worst: Poor quality image

#5 – stompcrushlove flattening plastic toy cars with wrestling boots
Best: Great toys to crush by a man that enjoys doing it
Worst: Soft floor

#4 – twistrunner86 smashing Playmobil truck with football cleats
Best: Hard plastic toy
Worst: Cleats not enough hard to crush some parts

#3 – fynbear destroying a printer with leather boots
Best: Big man crushing big object with hard boots
Worst: ¿?

#2 – sorabowlcatfat walking over bulbs with workboots
Best: Hard crushing with work boots
Worst: A lot of floor in the bottom side of the image

#1 – F71Tdi walking over plants and chocolate bunny with Adidas Attittude
Best: Hot crushing in nice sneakers
Worst: All objects are dry. Nothing dirty.


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