May 2012 YouTube Selection

Fruits and toys this month in a huge selection of 10 videos. Men crush becoming more and better, and i don’t know what remove from my pre-selecton list.

#10 – NikeMercurialsoccer stomping toy truck with Adidas Hard Court
Best: Nice sneakers for stuff flattening
Worst: It not was the whole truck. Dark image

#9 – timbootra making fruit juice with basketball sneakers
Best: Great sneakers for crushing
Worst: Only one easy fruit

#8 – MrMydifferentside stomping model toy house with Nike TN
Best: Nice sneakers walking over a toy house
Worst: Fragile toy. Under a small presure, it collapses all

#7 – twistrunner86 stomping big plastic toy car with classic Adidas Gazelle
Best: Great toy to crush
Worst: Soft sneakers. Some parts like the bodywork of the car keep uncrushed

#6 – sneaksgaytoy flattening bananas with yellow Nike sneakers
Best: Nice mud floor. Clean enough, but soft to leave footprints
Worst: Pants covering part of the sneakers

#5 – crushiboy stomping big metal toy car with Nike
Best: Broken into pieces
Worst: A bit dark

#4 – MikeC0017 stomping two apples with Nike Cortez
Best: Nice sneakers stomping apples
Worst: Some remains are not fully flattened

#3 – matteoiseuro friend buttcrushing and stomping big toy car (different views)
Best: Great big toy to crush. Conversation. Faces
Worst: Very poor lighting

#2 – diabolojay359 crushing a Kiwi with Nike Skyline
Best: Many ways to crush a kiwi with feet
Wors: Only one kiwi in this long video. A lot of footage after all is flat

#1 – sorabowlcatfat stomping disco ball lights with work boots
Best: Hard boots + big object = brutal crushing
Worst: Expensive object


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