April YouTube Selection

A nice selection of sneakers, boots, and things crushed in the last month

#8 – sevenply26 making pineapple juice with Reebok Classic
Best: Hot sneakers crushing big fruit
Worst: Squeaking sounds

#7 – mexicankillercrush4 stomping toy piano with army boots
Best: Good toy with hard plastic that makes sound
Worst: Darkness. Some details of the boots are not visible

#6 – MikeC0017 smashing toy van with Nike Cortez
Best: Nice toy and hot sneakers
Worst: ¿?

#5 – HectortheRam breaking big toy car with dirty work boots
Best: Huge toy
Worst: ¿?

#4 – 555boyboyboy crushing eggbox and ice cream cones with Nike Cortez
Best: Hot crushing with classic sneakers
Worst: A lot of floor at the bottom of the screen

#3 – biddingshop flattening a lot of boxes with black Timberland boots
Best: Hard boxes nice to crush, and great boots
Worst: The bottom of the image is out of plane

#2 – giantsneaker smashing toy truck with Shox
Best: Great toys and white soles sneakers
Worst: ¿?

#1 – StompBoyGermany walking over 5 plastic toy cars with classic sneakers
Best: Great toys to crush
Worst: Another pass forwards and backwards to  crush them even more


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