March 2012 YouTube Selection

Great selection of objects to crush in this month. Enjoy

8# – Rubberbootsoldier crushing yoghurts with rubber boots
Best – Dirty crushing with rubber boots
Worst: Very easy objects

7# – giantsneaker crushing toy truck with white Shox
Best: Nice sneakers and crunchy toy
Worst: ¿?

6# – catstompboy crushing hard-boiled eggs with Cat Boots
Best: Nice food crushing with workboots
Worst: ¿?

5# – sprinkling flattening bread with New Balance
Best: Great views
Worst: Object very easy to crush

4# – MrCrushFetish stomping a lot of food with rubber boots
Best: Heavy boots flattening all
Worst: Problem with video codification

3# – 13poder13 smashing big toy car with Nike Air Jordan
Best: Classic sneakers toy crushing
Worst: Very hard toy for sneakers

2# – samnoueilaty destroying big toy car with football cleats
Best: Nice toy to crush
Worst: Floor carpet

1# – HectorTheRam smashing big toy truck with workboots
Best: Great toy
Worst: Video manipulation. This is difficult to follow the “history”


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