February 2012 YouTube Selection

This is the february YouTube selection of stomping. From this month, I’ll try to say the best and worst of each video. But remember this is just a personal opinion.

#8 – sneaksgaytoy making tomato ice-cream with hiking boots
Best: Nice crushing with nice boots
Worst: Very small tomatoes
7# – yunkjard smashing toy car with work boots
Best: Meticulous crushing. Hard boots
Worst: Soft floor carpet. Darkness
6# – Liftinmike smashing videocamera with workboots
Best: All broken with know-how. Very hard boots
Worst: ¿?
5# – giantsneakers  stomping toy car with Converse
Best: White classic sneakers for good lighting
Worst:  Smoking
4# – stompcrushlove flattening toy car with basketball boots
Best: Near images. Hard sneakers to crush
Worst: Soft carpet
#3 – matteoiseuro and friends smashing toy cars outdoor
Best: Men having fun doing it. Big place to walk freely
Worst: Some of these huge toys would have merited a single video with closer images
#2 – crushyboy and friend stomping toy truck with classic sneakers
Best: Nice toy and great sneakers
Worst: Very easy toy for two men
#1 – WhiteboyBoots and HectortheRam smashing big train with workboots
Best: Great toys and hard workboots
Worst: Some stompings very fast


2 thoughts on “February 2012 YouTube Selection

  1. I am absolutely delighted that whiteboy bob and Hector the Ram made the top of your list for last month. They’ve worked really hard (we all have) and developed quite a following. It ain’t easy sometimes with some of what they bring me in post production. Thanx again.

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