Crushing Game #6 – Endurance Scale

This is a easy game playable for one person minimum, but much more fun for at least two.

Rules and development of the game

At the beginning of each round of the game, the player will have a number of different objects. Perhaps the other players have collected them. Now he has time to view and handle them for a moment. He must think how easy o difficult will be to crush each one.

Now. The player must place all the objects in the floor, drawing a row. The most easy to crush things will be placed at the beginning, and the most hard objects at the end of the line, building a precise “scale of endurance”

The player has in this moment the advantage of placing the objects in the better position to crush -or to do not crush- them. In this example look at the coke can and the pink cup. If they are side lying, they are more easy to flat.

When the row is finished to build, the player must begin to walk over each object, beginning for the easy side. The steps must be the same fast and with the same weight over each object. These easy objects will get crushed one after another easily under his foot.

The objects became more hard, and he will find one that resist his weight and does not gets crushed like the previous things.

This is the inflection point of the endurance scale. Now, he must be walking over the next objects like he did with the previous. Same time, same power, same speed, same weight, same part of the foot… but, to win the game he must not crush anything more. This is the most important rule.

If he reaches the end of the line, the last object, without breaking anything more, he wins

OTHERWISE, if he crush any other object, the endurance scale was not well built and he looses.

Objects to use

In this example we have used a variety of big and expensive objects. To play a lot without spend money, you will find a lot of small things that are difficult to know how much weight will resist. Thing in a lot of waste objects, dried fruits, decoration elements, small toys, etc.

Conflict resolutions

In this game we can have the question about if a object was crushed or not. Perhaps it was damaged but not fully smashed and flattened. To decide it, the group of players should answer to any of these questions…

  • Is the object sufficiently damaged to continue using it normally?
  • Would another person realize that the object has been stepped on?

The decision will be crucial to the outcome of the game. We have no hurry. This is a good idea to stop the game as many times as necessary and make good decisions before continue walking over the next object.

Safety considerations

This game is very safe because the crusher is looking at the objects and he stomps them on purpose in the best conditions. But we must follow always these elemental safety rules…

Avoid objects that gets dangerous when are smashed. For example glass things or metal parts with sharp tips and edges. The material of the objects will be according to the footwear of the crusher.

Avoid objects that gets slippery when crushed, by releasing liquid or round parts. The material of the objects will be according to the floor class


The player would begin to walk over the row of objects starting from the most hard things. In this case when he crushes one of the objects, he must continue crushing all until the end. This form of playing may be more troubled.

The row of objects can be built by one person and walked over by other person, of the same team.


I hope you enjoy


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