Crushing Game #3 – Stompers Team

This is a small and easy to prepare stomping game for at least three men. More fun with more men.

We need a small and easy-to-flat object

The group of friends will choose a main player at the beginning of each turn. This man must go away now

Secretly for the main player, one of the other men will put the object in the floor and crush it with one of his feet, and keep the remains hidden under his shoe. The other men can take a look to help him if any part of the crushed object is very visible.

The other men will stand up beside the crusher, making a row.

Now, the main player comes here. The goal of the game is trying to discover who is crushing the object, and which foot. He can kneel in the floor and look closely, and touch if the other men let him.

If he thinks he have discovered where is the object, he can ask to lift one feet to any man. If nothing is crushed there, he looses an attempt, and he can get a previously-decided punishment, like a kick or a hand trampling with this foot. Otherwise, if the crushed object appears under the foot, the game turn ends.

To decide the winner after all the turns played, the attempts wasted by each main player must be taken into account.

Usually the main player should know what is the object to crush before play, to can look for it.

Also, dummy objects can be used, crushed by the other feet. It must be different of the goal object to avoid confusions. His discovering will not be significantly for the game score, but perhaps will be fun to continue playing and lifting feet until all crushed dummy objects are discovered.


One thought on “Crushing Game #3 – Stompers Team

  1. That’s a HOT game !!!

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