Safety warnings about playing blindfold

(Traducción al castellano aquí)

You can use the method of blindfold your eyes to participating and having fun in some crush-related games, but your health always is the most important.

You can use a dark kerchief or any other clothes that lets you to breathe, and to put it off in any moment if you want.

There is a few well known rules that you must follow in the preparation and during the playing of the game.

Do not get blindfolded alone. The aim of these crushing games is to have fun within a group of friends that see you playing blindfolded.

If you feel dizzy or confused, immediately put off your blindfold and request help to your friends.

empty room placesIn the preparation of the playground, choose a safe place to walk blindfolded. Find a big free space. The floor must be flat to avoid trip over and falling. Take care of stairs, fences, windows, electric elements, lower branches…

Take care of slippery floors like marble tilings and waxed floors. Perhaps your soles does not slide now on purpose, but some objects in the game could you make slide when you walk over them.

In the selection of the objects that will be crushed by men blindfolded during the game, there is only a rule: All objects will be crushed in the first step over, and will not stopping or making fall to the player.

The objects must be easy to crush. When you are crushing on purpose, looking at the object, you are using all your weight in the better place to crush it. But if you are walking without knowing where you put your feet, you could step over it partially, or with not enough weight in this foot. If the object does not gets enough crushed under your foot, you could have a sprained ankle, or even fall to the floor.

Take care about round objects. If they are not crushed easily, they can make the player falls. A big or hard toy car should behave like a skate and make you fall. Use only small and easy-to-crush toy cars. Balls are not very fun for these game because they would easily kicked and launched alone, instead of being crushed.

juiceAvoid objects that make slippery messes when crushed. Liquids produced in the crushing are slippery. Take care with foods. You can play with fruits and sweets if wearing rough sole and the playground is in earth or asphalt.

Do not play with objects that when crushed will produce parts that would stop the feet of the player and make him fall. Cables, wires, threads, strings or seals can entangle the feet. A big box walls, clothes, bags, plastics, etc would be difficult to escape walking blindfolded.

Some crushed objects also can be very dangerous if the player falls over his remains with hands or other parts of his body. Never play with glass objects. Avoid also some plastic objects that gets sharp tips when breaking. Take care of all metal and wood parts. Beer cans crushed can hurt you if you fall over them.


During the game, take care of your shoelaces. Your friends must stop the game if they get unleashed.

Perhaps you need to clean a bit the floor of the playground and remove some crushed objects in between the different shifts of the game, to continue having fun in the better safety situation.

Use your mind and have fun !!!


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