January 2010 YouTube Selection

A good new year for stomping action.
Thins month there is 7 selected videos from YouTube.

#7 – Plant in pot vs hottimboy (Mr Polo) blue nikes

#6 – Cardboard and plasticine scene vs GiantMaleFoot2 bare feet

#5 – Big metal toy car vs DRIGOAT2007 Adidas

#4 – Boxes vs DROOG13 safety work boots

#3 – Plastic trucks vs MsGigant207 sneakers

#2 – toy cars inside plastic garage vs yunkjard reeboks

#1 – Plastic toys vs matteoiseuro shoes


2 thoughts on “January 2010 YouTube Selection

  1. Hi, my name is Dan Watson, I write for a skateboard magazine in Canada called King Shit. (http://kingshit.org/) I am currently writing an article that is interested in different people fetishizing and being turned on by skate shoes. I would like to do a short interview with you for the magazine. We can totally keep you anonymous if you don’t want us using your name. We are very interested in this, so please e-mail me back. Thank you.


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