2009 most favorited stompers

This is a statistical recount of the crushers (youtube nicks) that have been selected in this weblog along 2009.

5 times

  • CrushboyMA

4 times

  • Crushyboy

3 times

  • Sneaksgaytoy (two times #1)
  • MNBootboy (two times #2, one time #1)
  • Bigfootgiant15 (one time #1)

2 times

  • MrCrushee (two times #1)
  • Matteoiseuro (one time #1)
  • JamesBond1592002 (one time #1)
  • Busania (one time #1)
  • Continental73 ,Sneaklicker, Pmoniker23, Niketyp and DROOG13

1 time

  • Footcruiser (#1)
  • Stomptoys (#1)
  • Towrkbts (#1 and #1 of 2009)
  • Birdyj123, Danny88ma, Manolo28566, Pediwell, Channelfeet, Crusherboy90, KuroDharma, MarkCleat, tnt82, Carsmasher45, Crushboy, Marbotmaster, Shortline420, Sneakersox23, Thecrushzone2, Baggystomper, GiantMaleFoot2, Liftinmike, Martenspunk, Nospam7676, Tomatenaufdenaugen, Diabolojay359, Shawskin and ToyCrusherRay

Congratulations to all of them, to the other stompers not selected here yet, and to all men that share his crushing fetish via internet. Thanks you very much and please continue having fun in 2010.


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