Thecrushzone pictures


A man comes home after work and find the room full of toys. He is ready to crush all with his work boots and other parts of his body in a movie of more than one hour. The price and the promotion in the new website

We can see a promotional video on Youtube with a few action


8 thoughts on “Thecrushzone pictures

  1. What happened to this? I was going to buy a tape but now its all over with now….or is it?
    Would like to know.



  2. Hello everyone, sorry things got a little crazy and I had to start over. I am back put do not have my web page right now. If you would like to purchase my film visit my NEW youtube site and send me a message.

    Thanks! Derick

    • Hi Derick… long time I’ve trying to contact you to get a copy of your DVD.
      Sorry your youtube account was closed. Your vids were truly hot! I’m mostly interested in toy vehicles destruction (either with your boots or hadns, he he)
      Would like to get in touch!
      I’ll appreciate it if you send a few lines.

      Best wishes,


    • Hey Derick. Like Gus, I’m a fan of your stomping vids and I was wondering if it’s still possible to get a copy. I was only able to see your stuff once, then I lost track of where you were! I’m sure that there are others beyond just Gus and me who’d like to see more.

      Anyway, just shoot me a line and let me know what’s up!

    • hey derick!
      i absolutely LOVE your toy crushing video but i cant find anything about it anywhere. not even the trailer, and i cant get onto your website either. are you able to help? because its a great movie!


  3. Have you got any hot cowboy boots? Would you crush bugs or snails with them?
    Do you any sites that eature this.

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