New Crushing Yahoo Group

EDIT (March 2010):  GROUP NOT FOUND 😦




After a lot of months and years, a new yahoo group about stomping fetish has been opened.

Stomp and crush fetish place

Sneakers crushing eggs

In this yahoo group you will find space to talk, make polls, add pictures and links to stuff related with crushing fetish.

Now, you can find:

  • 2 galleries of large images about Eggs and Bananas Stomping with skater sneakers
  • About 60 hi-quality downloadable videoclips about stomping all sorts of stuff like food, toys, plants, etc.
  • YouTube links

The URL of the new group is:

Remember. To join you will need to use your Yahoo ID. The same ID of the yahoo mail, flickr or yahoo messenger. This is free.

Please, Contribute to the stomping groups and websites with your pictures, videos or posts related.


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