September YouTube selection

A long tail selection of crushing videos this month, with a lot of fruits in the main positions.

Have fun, imitate and enjoy.

15# – Daniele Roma crushing eggbox with egg inside with Nike TN
Best: Nice crushing with hot sneakers
Worst: Vertical video. Very far from the camera. A lot of floor.

14# – bootboy sg stomping sweet with combat boots
Best: Hot boots to crush all
Worst: Very easy and small thing for that boots

13# – osirisvideoboy breaking cassette box with worker boots
Best: Great boots to crush all. Crunchy thing
Worst: Very easy and small thing for that boots

12# – skatz747 stomping plastic toy truck with BK sneakers
Best: Pretty big toy truck under flat sneakers
Worst: Soft floor. Need hard stompings to start breaking.

11# – TheShoeslicker and friend flattening trash food with Nikes
Best: Nice views of the sneakers crushing
Worst: ¿?

10# – bootsguy1984 stomping two watermelons with rubber boots
Best: Nice dirty outdoor crushing
Worst: ¿?

9# – Alex Boot stomping food with ranger boots
Best: Different foods under hard boots
Worst: Footage problems. Crushings outside plane or hidden, dark areas

8# – Matt Ran friend smashing toy car with Adidas
Best: Nice toy crushing. Good video views
Worst: Unstable floor

7# – Ultimate Crusher making a fruits salad with Vans
Best: Nice salad with a lot of fruits
Worst: ¿?

6# – derock1611 crushing apples with rubber boots
Best: Hot outdoor dirty crushing. Nice boots soles. Good lighting
Worst: Only apples. Repetitive

5# – crushtogether smashing camping light with Adidas
Best: Hot sneakers stomping big crunchy things
Worst: Very fragile object. Crushed in the floor very fast, nothing inside

4# – Klaus der Große stomping fruits with Nike Air
Best: Hot fruits crushing with flat soles
Worst: A lot of empty floor in the lower half of the screen

3# – Brad Mikels stomping bananas buch with Nike Air Max
Best: Hot sneakers. Nice heels crushing
Worst: Vertical videos😦

2# – TRK Stomping making tomato juice with Nike Jordan
Best: Hot sneakers. Nice crushing views
Worst: ¿?

1# – MrCrushfetish walking over a lot of food with brooks
Best: Nice sneakers. Hot slow crushing a lot of different stuff
Worst: You can crush more backwards with the heels


August 2016 YouTube Selection

Men have had plenty of time this month of august to stomping a lot. Here is a long selection of videos. Have fun, imitate and enjoy.

15# – Teenboy Crusher stomping train wagon with football cleats
Best: Nice crunchy toy to crush
Worst: Backlight. One different sneaker in each foot

14# – carsmasher45 smashing toy truck with football cleats
Best: Big plastic toy to crush
Worst: ¿?

13# – Matt Ran friend jumping over big toy house with boots, slow motion
Best: Huge plastic toy to stomp
Worst: Very ugly footwear. Final stomping remains not shown, only the jumping

12# – Barry S crushing street lamp with Dunlop rubber boots, slow motion
Best: Big crunchy thing. Great boots with large treads to stomp
Worst: Image lighting issue intermitent. Lamp parts remains not stomped

11# – osirisvideoboy walking over light bulb with FXR boots
Best: Hard boots stomping anything hard
Worst: ¿?

10# – Dennissomething smashing video camera with Nike Jordan
Best: Difficult electronic thing under hot sneakers
Worst: ¿?

9# – bootboy sg flattening small toy car with tactical boots
Best: Small metal toy cars are very difficult to crush. Tactical boots can do it
Worst: Small defocus

8# – crushandstomp crushing sun glasses with worker boots
Best: Hot work boots to crush all
Worst: Tiny man not crushed with the boots

7# and 7# – Sneakercrusher AND Klaus der Große stomping apples with sneakers
Best: Hot sneakers flattening fruits
Worst: ¿?

6# – Ultimate Crusher flatteing bananas bunch with Adidas Hardcourt
Best: Flat soles sneakers crushing the whole bunch
Worst: All flattened after the first step

5# – TheShoeslicker smashing a computer with Nike Air Max
Best: Big electronic thing under sneakers
Worst: Soft sneakers can not crush some parts

4# – sllthr making orange juice with Nike Air Jordan
Best: Hot sneakers flattening fruit oudtoor
Worst: Very short footage, only one small orange

3# – Carlos Mata stomping big metal toy car with Nike Jordan
Best: Hard sneakers vs big toy car
Worst: ¿?

2# – Stomper stomping bananas with Nike
Best: Hot views of man with hairy legs stomping fruits. Great lighting
Worst: Very small place to play

1# – Peter K flattening big metal decorative bus with Nike Air Max
Best: Object being crushed slowly under the man weight
Worst: Nothing inside the bus


July 2016 YouTube slection

A lot of fruits and a lot of sneakers this month. Imitate and have fun

13# – hu19873 stomping sandwich with hard worker boots
Best: Great boots to crush all
Worst: Very easy object

12# – coletenor walking over paper city
Best: Hot man crushing houses and small things
Worst: Need sneakers to crush flat all the model cars

11# – Ultimate Crusher making tomato juice with Air Jordan
Best: Nice sneakers. Tomatoes flattened
Worst: Nothing crushing with heel backwards

10# – Sneaker Fan making tomato juice with Air Jordan
Best: Hot outdoor dirty crushing
Worst: ¿?

9# – Matt Ran friend smashing toy car with sneakers
Best: Heavy man crushing big crunchy toy
Worst: Fast. Some parts un-crushed, like the wheels

8# – Nikestomper flattening toy tractor with Nike Air Max
Best: Hot sneakers flattening toy
Worst: Overexposed image white sneakers. All white, no details

7# – carsmasher45 smashing big model toy car with soccer cleats
Best: Big crunchy toy with a lot of parts to break
Worst: Main part of the car not flattened

6# – showingoffmyboots stomping a lot of things with boots
Best: Hard boots crushing interesting things
Worst: A lot of jumps. Some objects deserve an individual video

5# – TRK Stomping, flattening a lot of pears with Air Jordan
Best: Hot sneakers stomping crunchy hard fruits
Worst: Low resolution video. Pixelated

4# – Crusher88 flattening vegetables with black AF1
Best: Weird vegetables nice to crush, onions and garlic are crunchy
Worst: ¿?

3# – 555boyboyboy stomping eggs inside eggbox–Xvwky2VVs
Best: Nice sneakers. Hard boiled eggs are better than raw eggs
Worst: ¿?

2# – Peter K crushing big Volkswagen metal car
Best: Huge metal model car being stomped
Worst: Sneakers was very soft for some steps

1# – crushtogether stomping fruits and eggs with Adidas
Best: Hot classical sneakers flattening all
Worst: Jumping over bananas buch, very fast. Soles not taught

June 2016 YouTube Selection

A long selection of videos with a great collection of hard boots stomping things in the frists positions. Have fun, imitate and enjoy
#15 – Tim Bearman flattening Pringles can with classic Adidas
Best: Nice sneakers vs big can
Worst: Easy work. Nothing inside the cam

#14 – Sneaker Fan stomping sweet with Adidas Artillery
Best: Hot sneakers
Worst: Image quality problems

#13 – SNeaK3RBoi617 smashing toy car with black AF1
Best: Big crunchy toy car under hard sneakers
Worst: Vertical video

#12 – Stomping Nike crushing big pepper and eggplant with Air Max
Best: Nice sneakers flattening yellow pepper
Worst: Eggplant already crushed before

#11 – Lester Gibbons smashing toy bus with Nike worker boots
Best: Hard boots vs crunchy toy
Worst: ¿?

#10 – Klaus der Große making banana juice with worker boots
Best: Great worker boots
Worst: Banana very easy for those boots

#9 – Matt Ran friend stomping toy car with sneakers
(Slow motion here:
(Full view of the stomper:
Best: Toy car all flattened under heavy man sneaker
Worst: Videos without descriptions and tags. Difficult to find at Youtube

#8 – Jonathan Forrest flattening strawberries with rubber boots
Best: Nice indoor dirty crushing with rubber boots
Worst: All fruits small very easy

#7 – leondoro77 smashing toy tractor with rubber boots
Best: Good boots edges to break the toy
Worst: ¿?

#6 – Nikestomper stomping toy tractor with Adidas Superstar
Best: Hot sneakers stomping toy. Great image quality
Worst: ¿?

#5 – tzuimk flattening photo camera with army boots
Best: Great boots stomping hard things into parts
Worst: Remains inside the bag does not shown at the end

#4 – Nick U stomping cookies can with Nike AF1 boots
Best: Interesting sneakers/boots flattening big thing
Worst: ¿?

#3 – bootboy sg making fruits juice with tactical boots
Best: Great boots flattening all
Worst: Hard stomps not needed for fruits

#2 – sele stomp flattening yogurts pack with Adidas
Best: A whole pack of yogurts under man sneakers
Worst: All very messy after the first steps

#1 – licker64 stomping bulbs with hard worker boots
Best: Great boots stomping a lot of crunchy things
Worst: Dangerous chemicals inside the bulbs


May 2016 YouTube Selection

Enjoy with the YouTube selection of videos from the last month.

#14 – ronniebiker999 stomping tomatoes and orange with Reeboks
Best: Hard solid sneakers flattening fruits
Worst: The half orange does not break and burst, just get made into juice

#13 – Alberto Convas Sierras smashing radio with ranger boots
Best: Hard boots stomping difficult electronic thing
Worst: Very dark

#12 – Sneaker Fan flattening apricots with Nike Lunar
Best: All flattened under big sneakers
Worst: ¿?

#11 – Boots Stomper crushing clothes pegs with Nike Dunk
Best: Nice sneakers breaking crunchy things
Worst: Fast hard stomps not needed

#10 – shoxnike1772 stomping plastic tray, bulb and LED lamp with Nike TN
Best: Big crunchy objects under hot sneakers
Worst: Some parts does not get fully flattened. More heel stompings needed

#9 – Kanboy Fox flattening box with Nike Pegasus
Best: Hard box flattened by heavy man with nice sneakers
Worst: Only one box, very easy

#8 – crushyboy crushing toy car with BK
Best: Great heel crushing to the end
Worst: Only one small toy car to crush

#7 – Foot Guy stomping plastic thing barefeet
Best: Man with hot legs breaking difficult thing with his bare feet
Worst: Sneakers or boots needed to break the things to the end

#6 – Nikestomper stomping toy tractor with Nike AF1
Best: Hot sneakers stomping plastic toy
Worst: Soft plastic parts bends instead of break

#5 – carsmasher45 smashing three toy cars with football cleats
Best: Crunchy toys under nice sneakers
Worst: Some elements does not get flattened because hollow non-flat soles

#4 – licker64 smashing ultrasound thing with ranger boots
Best: Hard boots breaking big plastic object
Worst: ¿?

#3 – bootboy sg crushing eggs with army boots
Best: Great boots flattening food and crunchy eggbox
Worst: Raw eggs break very fast

#2 – Liftinmike stomping printer with ranger boots
Best: Big difficult object under hard boots
Worst: ¿?

#1 – leondoro77 crushing toy truck with trekking boots
Best: Nice toy under hot boots
Worst: Some parts still un-crushed at the end of the video


April 2016 YouTube selection

Large selection this month with great videos in the top half of the list. Several of them could have been the highest rated, but only one of them could be. Enjoy with them, from #15 to #1, and imitate.

#15 – stomp wolf breaking eggs with work boots
Best: Hot man stomping outdoor with hard boots
Worst: Some crushing takes place in the background, hidden behind the front eggs

#14 – Sneakercrusher flattening pizza with skater sneakers
Best: Hot sneakers crushing messy food
Worst: A pizza is already flat

#13 – Licker64 smashing router with worker boots
Best: Huge worker boots crushing hard thing
Worst: ¿?

#12 – MrGummistiefel1 stomping food case with rubber boots
Best: Huge boots stomping crunchy container with food inside
Worst: ¿?

#11 – Bootskicked crushing fruits with Nike TN
Best: Hot sneakers
Worst: Socks outside the pants

#10 – bootsguy1984 flattening yogurts with rubber boots
Best: Great boots bursting food
Worst: All very messy after first steps

#9 – Nick U smashing metal toy van with Nike boots
Best: Metal car bodywork gets really flattened under the heel
Worst: Unstable floor

#8 – leondoro77 crushing toy tractor with hikking boots
Best: Crunchy toy. Boots with large threads
Worst: Dark image

#7 – Stef Fox stomping plastic radio with Nike AF1
Best: Big sneakers stomping big crunchy thing
Worst: ¿?

#6 – Peter K flattening big Vespa model with Nike
Best: Big model plastic+metal being flattened under sneakers
Worst: Socks outside the pants

#5 – crushyboy smashing toy truck with Nike
Best: Very crunchy toy made pieces
Worst: ¿?

#4 – bootboy sg crushing eggs inside eggbox with boots
Best: Hard boots stomping dirty food and crunchy case
Worst: Small steps

#3 – crushtogether making orange and kiwi juice with classic Adidas
Best: Great sneakers. Nice half crushings
Worst: ¿?

#2 – Nikestomper crushing model toy houses with Nike AF1
Best: Hot sneakers stomping plastic toys
Worst: Some walls of the houses separates and collapses very fast, instead of breaking

#1 – Mike Cortez smashing toy railway clock with Reebok classic
Best: Complicated mechanism toy being crushed by heavy man in nice sneakers
Worst: Defocus

March 2016 YouTube Selection

A large selection of videos this month, with varied footwear and objects. Imitate and enjoy
15# – skatz747 stomping plastic cups with Adidas Hardcourt
Best: Hard plastic very crunchy things
Worst: ¿?

14# – Sneaker Fan making strawberries juice with Adidas Basketball boots
Best: Great sneakers with flat white soles are nice to crush fruits
Worst: Few strawerries. Video color problem

13# – tomus2188 flattening apple and strawberry with Nike canvas sneakers
Best: Strawberry heel crushing
Worst: Only one strawberry

12# – Nick U smashing toy tractor with Nike Air Max
Best: Nice toy to crush. Hot sneakers
Worst: Light issue. Very dark even outdoor

11# – Tim Bearman crushing toy truck with reebok classic
Best: First step is terrific. Very crunchy and all broken. Hot sneakers
Worst: Low resolution video. Sneakers out of plane

10# – Stomp Wolf stepping over toy men with trekking sneakers
Best: Hot man crushing toys with nice sneakers
Worst: Toys does not get crushed and broken, only disassembled

9# – crush master and friend stomping food with army boots
Best: Dirty crushing outdoor with nice boots
Worst: All flattened and indistinguishable into the mud after the first steps

8# – Klaus der Große crushing toy truck with work boots
Best: Nice crunchy toy. Boots with great treads to smash plastic things
Worst: Very dark

7# – Dave D smashing heater with Nike Air Max
Best: Big object under hot sneakers
Worst: Crushed parts hidden in the grass

6# – BBD4BOOTS crushing fruits with Wesco boots
Best: Hard boots flattening fruits over hard floor
Worst: ¿?

5# – Rubberbootsoldier stomping food with rubber boots
Best: Dirty outdoor crushing with rubber boots flattening all
Worst: Food parts very next. Tray content not shown before crushing

4# – bootsguy1984 crushing eggs and yogurts with rubber boogs
Best: Great rubber boots flattening dirty things
Worst: ¿?

3# – Peter K flattening metal toy car with Nike Air Max
Best: Metal toys get very flattened
Worst: ¿?

2# – Boots Stomper crushing eggs with tactical army boots
Best: Great boots to crush all. Plastic eggboxes are nice to crush
Worst: Multi cam distract us in the best moments

1# – Nikestomper stomping model toy houses with Adidas Response
Best: Plastic toy houses under man feet. Sneakers with large treads to break all
Worst: Some walls collapses and disassemble very fast, instead of getting broken